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Buy Clothes For Dogs Online --- Buy Pet Clothes Online

Updated on June 15, 2012

Doggie Style

You can pet, groom and love your dog, but if you truly want your pooch to be stylin' then you need to get him some fashionable dog clothes. That's right, you can dress up your dog in everything from a cute dog sweater to a dog wedding dress.

When dressing up your pup, make sure that the dog clothes are the right size; you wouldn't want to put a large dog in a sweater meant for a terrier. Also, make sure your doggie actually LIKES wearing clothes for pets. If you put a dress on your dog and she barks, claws and yowls, she might not be the best animal to dress up. But if she's mellow and seems happy with her new outfit, then she's probably more accepting of the idea.

These days, dogs can wear almost as many fashions as people. So get creative and get your canine ready for a stylish night on the town!

Fancy Clothes For Dogs

If your dog is going to be attending a special occasion -- like a doggie wedding -- then you'll want to make sure that he or she is dressed appropriately. Nowadays, you can find a variety of black tie attire for your pets.

The dog wedding dress with its puffy sleeves is just so cute! Imagine your doggie on her big day as she wears this very special gown. If she's like any other bride, she'll feel so beautiful -- or you'll at least get some memorable photos of her wearing this luxurious outfit.

You can't leave out your male dog, though. He'll look dapper in this dog tuxedo. If you want to go all out, you'll pair him with a nice female dog so she can wear the wedding gown and he can wear this outfit. Think of the amazing wedding pics. Awww!

The zebra dress is for a more casual, but still dressy occasion. If your dog is a little wild, this one's for her. It'll also look great on a gray dog since the colors will go so well with her fur.

The biker dress is also very cute and I love the little details. This dog dress is sure to attract attention when your canine goes out with this piece on!

The frilly pink dress is for a very feminine dog. I picture a fluffy white poodle or little Yorkie wearing this particular outfit, though a pug would also look adorable in it.

Sweaters For Dogs

Though dog dresses are a luxury, dog sweaters are a necessity for many canines, especially smaller ones. Our friend had a terrier and would dress her in sweaters during the winter because her doggie would get cold in the snow. However, just because an outfit is functional doesn't mean that it can't also be attractive -- and these sweaters are!

The blue cable sweater is made of thick, sturdy wool and is sure to keep your dog warm on the coldest days. But the little bone sewn into the back gives this sweater a touch of whimsy.

Meanwhile, the striped sweater beautifully combines blues and greens, and also has a cute bone on the front. Plus, the turtleneck gives it a very stylish cut.

The pink sweater is very girly looking and is perfect for a sweet, feminine dog. And while the red sweater is very basic, it's also quite attractive and comes with a hood for extra warmth.

If you want to go all out for your dog, get him the suede jacket. How beautiful is this coat? I'd seriously consider getting one for myself if they had it in a human model!

Dog T-Shirts

While it's nice to dress up your dog, sometimes they just want to be casual, especially on a warmer day. These T-shirts are a great way to introduce your dog to dog fashion because they're lightweight and not to obstrusive. Once a dog gets used to wearing a T-shirt then you can try putting her in something heavier like a sweater.

I love the pink "mini diva" T-shirt. One of my friends got this for her dog, along with a matching shirt for herself; they then posed for a photo wearing their diva shirts and it was very cute!

I also adore the "I love my Mommy" tee. My husband and I often debate whether people should consider their pets to be children (I think they are like kids; he doesn't), but this is for anyone who thinks of herself as a pet parent. Your dog will look so sweet and will appreciate the love.

I'm not sure how true the "spoiled but humbled" shirt is; I think most pets are just plain spoiled, but this tee is funny and is sure to get some laughs. The "spoiled rotten" T-shirt is also hilarious and is definitely true -- at least for the dogs I know!

The "bad to da bone" T-shirt is perfect for any tough doggies ... or those that simply refuse to behave. Either way, this tee is also a fun outfit with which to dress your pet.


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