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Cat Ornaments -- Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Updated on July 15, 2011

Cat Ornaments For Christmas

If you're a cat lover like I am, then you want to celebrate your furry friends in every way possible. In my house, we have cat statues, cat calendars and even a lamp that's shaped like a cat. When it's time for Christmas, the best way to show off your love for felines is to hang beautiful cat ornaments on your Christmas tree (which chances are, your cat will be so attracted to that he or she will bat at them!).

Cat ornaments come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors. There are cat angel ornaments, cats wearing Santa hats, cats playing and even glass ornaments featuring cats. In other words, there's something for every cat lover!

Adding cat ornaments to your tree will give it a whimsical touch. These feline-inspired decorations also make perfect gifts for cat lovers in your life.

Ornaments Featuring Cats In Stockings

What better way to honor Christmas than by hanging one of these adorable cats in stockings or cats in a wreath ornaments on your tree? Let's face it, if you have a cat, he or she's probably stuck her head into the stockings (or wreaths) in real life! So this is the perfect way to capture that playful moment.

You can get a set of ornaments or you can get individual ones, but all are beautifully crafted and truly look like cats. They'll fit right in amongst the Santas and teddy bears and other ornaments that you have on your tree.

These ornaments are also great to include as stocking stuffers themselves for any cat lovers in your life. And because they're small and not too expensive, they're a wonderful gift to give to a co-worker who likes cats or to include in a grab bag or gift exchange.

Ornaments Featuring Playful Cats

Who knew that there could be so many different varities of cat ornaments? But when it comes to cat Christmas ornaments, it seems as if the imagination has no limits. The same can be said for when it comes to decorating your tree.

The playful kitten ornaments come four in a set and are poised to pounce!. Almost all of the cats I know, including mine, love to crawl into boxes or bags and curl up to take a nap. I've yet to see a teacup that's large enough to fit my cat, but if one existed, I'm certain that she'd find her way into it.

Meanwhile, the cowboy cat ornament is a fun variation on the cat theme and would make a whimsical addition to any cat ornament collection.

Ornaments Featuring Angel Cats

Do you think of your cat as a little angel? I do. My husband and I are always debating over whether our kitty is actually our guardian angel. I say she is and that she was sent here to look out for us ... he says she's just a cat.

But these beautiful Christmas cat angel ornaments support my point of view! Each kitten is in a typical feline pose and then has the tell-tale angel wings on top. They may leap and run all over your house and get into all sorts of trouble, but all they really want is to love and be loved. That's why mine is my little angel.

Whether you believe in angels or not, however, these cats are sure to brighten up any Christmas tree and put a smile on your -- or your favorite crazy cat person's -- face.

Fancy Cat Ornaments

If you love to decorate your Christmas tree with bejewled ornaments that shine and capture the glow of the holiday lights (or roaring fire), then these are the cat ornaments for you.

The stunning glass cat ornaments are sure to add some sparkle to your home, especially when the sun shines on them on Christmas day. Both have a little touch of the holidays in them in the form of tiny wreaths wrapped around the figurines.

There are also whimsical ornaments featuring regal cats in bejeweled costumes. I especially love the royal cat figurine who's wearing that decked-out red cape because I know that my kitty thinks she's our princess! Adding some of these fancy ornaments to your tree will liven it up ... and remind your cat that he or she's the ruler of your household.

Glass Cat Ornaments -- Glass Christmas Ornaments

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      cosette 8 years ago

      wow, who knew? those little kitties in stockings are so cute!