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Dogue De Bordeaux the French Mastiff

Updated on January 17, 2015

Meet Molly! The Dogue De Bordeaux

Molly is a Dogue De Bordeaux also known as French Mastiff, or Bordeaux Bulldog. More famously known as the Turner and Hooch dog! You will find fun and interesting information on this page on how to get the best from your French mastiff.First hand information from an owner of this large breed dog. We also own a Bull mastiff and a British Bulldog and I share helpful tips and ideas on how to train, and get the best from your dog.

All pictures/photos unless specified are copyright protected, If you wish to use them please contact me LisaAuch

Cute Dogue De Bordeaux Facts & Pictures

....things the make you go Awh....

Dogue De Bordeaux's are of large build, and known to have the largest head among dog races. Mollys neck is huge. Although known through times as a war dog, hunting dog, and protector, protecting flocks of sheep from wolves and bears. I hate to think of dogs in any form of fighting, although that is what the Dogue De Bordeaux was used for, against other dogs or bulls thankfully when dog fighting was outlawed, the Dogue became a dog breed known for its protective instinct. Molly however, is the family baby! And very much mums dog. Always following me around.

And, if I may say so myself, a truly wonderful and loyal family pet.

douge de bordeaux - funny dog pictures - bull mastiff
douge de bordeaux - funny dog pictures - bull mastiff

A bit about Molly the Dogue De Bordeaux

French mastiff lives with Bullmastiff, Bulldog a Rabbit! & 3 Human Beings

I share my house with 6 others, 3 humans, 2 other dogs, and a rabbit. We love company and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. They are very anxious dogs. Always looking for their master. These dogs are not suitable to be left in the house all day long.

There is Mum, Dad, Rebecca, Roxy the Bull Mastiff, and Jura a lion lop rabbit. and recently we got a new puppy Belle the Bulldog.

Mums great she's there all day for me, and I love nothing better than following her around the house, because I am quite nosy, it is really tiring as mum sure is busy.

I like it most when she is working at the computer and I can curl up under her feet.

I sit at the window waiting for Rebecca to come home from school, and love the fuss she makes of me, I can hear Dads car before I see it and I get real excited, as I know Mum will open the front door for me so I can bound out to meet him.

Dad loves it when I run out to meet him after his hard day at work. I take my ball with me and he throws it into the garden for me to find! I love where I stay, a huge garden, lots of lovely neighbours and just a ball throw away from the huge park, beach and Forest. I get very excitable in the house without my exercise.

I love my sister Roxy, she is a bullmastiff and is the best, she cleans my ears, and face and snuggles into me. She is my best friend.

Belle is a naughty puppy so I try to show her how to behave. Mostly I love sitting on the chair watching TV with the family.

douge de bordeaux - funny dog pictures - bull mastiff
douge de bordeaux - funny dog pictures - bull mastiff

Dogue De Bordeaux are Rather Funny Dogs fact they can be down right hilarious

I was only six months old and I used to live in the middle of a busy city centre. I did not like it because I was left alone all day and at nights I was lonely as my owner worked night shifts, so I was quite naughty.

I never got out to do the toilet and had to do it in the house. I knew this was wrong because my owner kept shouting at me. But then he was never there, and I was always hungry, so I used to mess up the kitchen looking for food. I got real good at opening the cupboard doors, cereal was my favorite snack, then they started moving the food up onto the shelves, I got good at climbing too. I thought this was impressive and showed how clever I was, but all my owner did wad shout and hit me.

I remember the day my new mum and dad came to visit me. I was very frightened as I did not know who they were and I was shaking a lot. They were very friendly and soon I was wagging my tail, but my tail hurt? I did not know it was broken, anyway I liked them a lot!

I did not know that the lady who had sold me had came to check up on me, she had told the man she was not happy with the way I was being treated, and he had signed a contract of conduct, in keeping me.

You see I have a famous mum who won Crufts in 2009 for our Breed.

My breed has very high standards and there is a lot of controversy and public interest about us. Some people think we are dangerous and aggressive dogs and use us as weapons, instead of knives! And giving dogs like me a bad name.

People are frightened sometimes because we are so big. Although at present our breed is not named on the Dangerous Dogs Act, Owners and breeders alike work hard to keep our standard high, and reputation in tact.

This family had been contacted as they were looking for a Mastiff to keep their own dog company. And thought they might be able to rescue one. I did not think they would take me as I had lots of bad habits. They left and I thought they would not return.

When they did I was truly excited to see them, and even the lady said what a lovely dog. I wagged my broken tail even harder. "I think we shall take her" I heard them say. I stood at the door, because they were not leaving without me this time.

mollys' first night with her new family
mollys' first night with her new family

Introducing a new dog into the house with another dog already there

....A new home with other animals

I left with them, I was put in the back of a huge jeep, but I jumped into the back seat to sit with my new mum, I was quite scared and wanted a cuddle.

I watched as the grey buildings disappeared, and all this green stuff appeared, I am in heaven. I was so excited I had an accident, but instead of shouting at me, the lady made me feel better and told me not to worry they would help sort me out.

I had only ever looked out a top story window before.

When we got to my new house, I still had to meet Roxy, a Bull Mastiff, their other dog.

My new mum took me to the huge park where I ran about like mad with the wind in my tail (funny it never hurt as much now!)

As I was running I noticed the wee girl and my new dad arrive with another dog, I ran up to meet them. I loved Roxy right from the start and she loved me. She ran around and around and I chased, until we were both so tired we lay down on the lovely soft grass.

My new family were smiling and laughing, I knew I belonged here. I was taken to my new house, and I ran about like mad, Roxy showed me all the cool places, in and out the house to the garden, and back in again. Nobody shouted or hit me.

I got a great dinner served to me, and I eat every last bit of it, chasing my bowl around the floor, they had bought me a huge bed, it was nice but I liked sleeping with Roxy all cuddled up in her bed.

Roxy cleaned me and then we fell fast asleep. This is a picture of me the first night in my new home.

douge de bourdeaux-dogdebourdeax
douge de bourdeaux-dogdebourdeax

Training a large Breed Dog...

Trying to break the bad habits of poor puppy training

Sit, stay, come, down...if I heard these words once I heard them a thousand times. I would sit looking at mum totally confused. my head moving from side to side watching this funny woman moving her hands around. What is she all about? what I was thinking. Staring blankly at her. I mean If I didn't have as much skin round my mouth she would have seen I was really laughing at her.

I was still having problems doing the toilet outside or on the grass, and preferred to do it in the house, I had been used to concrete, but mum just cleared it up.

I found the more I went out for long walks the more I needed the toilet outside and could not hold it in until we got home. So I started doing the toilet outside, I got a fright the first time as my mum went mad, clapping and cheering saying how good I was.

I even got a special treat, that she carried, and only given on really rare occasion's when she was really impressed with me. I loved being a good girl, soon I was walking off the lead, walking nicely beside my mum, I came back when I was told, instead of when I wanted.

dog in water - dog breeds
dog in water - dog breeds

Exercise for your Bordeaux

The Best things In Life are Free and Fun

Bordeaux's don't need a lot of exercise, because of their muscles, they do need small regular walks to keep their energy levels in check .

I love where we stay, there are so many walks we go on, whether its is sunny rainy, or windy. I always know when we are going for a walk, mum puts on her walking boots and I go to my bed waiting for my lead to be put on.

I have a special collar on as I still get very excited and have a habit of always wanting to be in front. This definitely comes from my ancestors, when they would be protectors of their flock, and master.

So mum uses a special halti head collar, looks like a horses' halter, and does the same job, gently leads me when I pull by putting pressure on my nose, and I know I have went too far ahead, so I slow down, and stop pulling, my mum has a sore back so I need to be careful with her.

My favorite walk is in the woods, where I can run around with Roxy, jumping over the fallen trees, and going for a dip in the water, where I love fetching sticks

Then when we come home, mum makes sure we are all clean and dry, and then we settle down for a good nap. When mums not looking we sneak onto the big comfy couch, if we are quiet enough mum usually leaves us.

Our new puppy Loves The Kong - puppies are natuarlly inquisitive

douge de bourdeauex
douge de bourdeauex

It important to keep the dogs mentally stimulated especially when we go out and leave them indoors. The Kong is a fantastic way to keep their attention from your furniture. When we got the new pup, we knew we were in trouble, he was into everything. The Kong is perfect for his little teeth and he can chase it around all day long tiring himself out.

Anything using food as a motivator is great, we stuff it full of dog biscuits, and mi with meat paste so its even trickier to get out and lasts longer. Its like a workout in itself.

The Best dog Toys for Large Dog Breeds - Dog toys that are indestructible - Honestly!

As you can imagine, I like to chew, anything really, my favorite was the dining room chairs, everyone of them had a lovely taste, oh and the leather seat covers...yum, Dad used to buy me toys and chews, but come on the size of my mouth, I could pull anything apart within seconds, and dog chews a piece of cake.

It is weird though because Dad is really big a strong and I like being like him so when he got this new Toy for me, I sized it up and thought... no problem.

Do you know this thing frustrates me, I chase it around and out falls a treat, so I chase it around even more, but I cannot seem to get right into it. This toy has a never ending supply of wee treats for me, I am sure someone fills it up! I play with this all day, and I don't like the kitchen chairs anymore they are so boring.

What we feed our Dogue DE Bourdeaux - Royal Canin - simply the best for this breeds requirements

I truly believe if you feed you dog rubbish, then you will expect to have many problems, by giving your dog a good feed you are giving it a great start.

This dog food is absolutey my TOP pick for quality and satisfaction for my dog

Large breed Dog feeding station

Mum bought me this because I have a very sensitive tummy, and at times a funny digestive system, we use a raised feeder for my dinner. Large dogs, like me can have terrible problems with their stomachs, and are very susceptible to Twisted Gut and it is really important they do not need to bend too far forward for their dinner. I don't like to eat all my food at once, and like to leave my food and come back to it.

Strong and Powerful Dogs

We make great pets, but we are very strong and powerful, we resemble lions, we are very protective of our home and owners, although we only react if we feel under threat. Molly Will bark loudly on hearing people approach, however has her tail wagging to greet visitors as they come in the door.

We love small children, in fact my mums nephew has Autism and he says "it's a peeig", but I don't mind because I follow him around and do what he says.

If you are not used to handling large dogs, then this breed is not for you, you should be an experienced dog owner, as we have our own minds sometimes, and need a firm but fair approach to training, it is nice to know who is boss.

We are the Turner and hooch Dog - A Douge in the Movies

This film is hilarious, I love watching TV, and yes Hooch is just as naughty as me! I also like watching football.

The first thing people say to us is "Is that the Dog from Turner and Hooch" This is a great film for dog lovers.

Turner & Hooch
Turner & Hooch

The Drools are real! my mum says I need a bib.


Exercising your Dogue De Bourdeaux

Although around the house I am really lazy, I still need to run around and get rid of my energy.

I love nothing better than when mum throws the ball for me, sometimes Roxy joins in too, but she has a sore leg just now, She jumped off of a cliff, I was very worried about her, and maybe she will tell you her story too, but that does not stop me trying to get her to chase me with the ball...I am really good because I bring the ball back to mum to be thrown again.


Easy Dog Grooming Tips - How to brush your dogs coat the Easy way!

...and some fun too

Trying to groom our dog was a nightmare, she hated the brush, A Dogues coat is gorgeous, high shine, but she can cast a lot of hair! even thought they are short haired dogs. our Dog also always wanted to play and thought we were playing with her, making it impossible to brush her coat.

We don't use a brush any more we use a ...rubber glove, a good old fashioned dish washing rubber glove!

She has also had a few lumps here and there so it is a great way to make sure I inspect around her body for lumps growing.

Big dog breed Skin Problems
Big dog breed Skin Problems | Source

Dog Skin Problems Lumps forming on the Dogue de Bordeauxs Skin - (Disturbing picture included!)

nothing more frightening as you can see what happens

I have included this as Bordeaux do have skin problems, and you should be aware of them.

As you can see Molly has to have an operation to remove 6 lumps that had formed under her skin, each one felt the size of small marble, and we saw nothing actually on the skin, no redness or cuts etc. However when the vet went into take the lumps out they actually were burying down into her skin, hence why the incisions had to be even bigger, I got the fright of my life as each one was cut the size of a standard cutlery knife. and there were 6. Only one in her ear got sent away for analysis as it was different to the others. thankfully the tests came back benign. these were can you believe it, "spots" that had grown in the way! Due to the very thick skin of the Bordeaux the sebaceous glands got clogged up and suppurated. Anyway it was much better to get these seen to and not left.

Douge De Bourdeaux
Douge De Bourdeaux | Source

As you can see Molly here, having her operation this did not stop her out in the Garden having a great time. As you can just see here it is starting to grow back nicely.

Solve your Dogs Skin Problems - easy home treatments

We have found our Bordeaux skin to cause her a lot of problems, very dry and flaky in places, we tried food, homemade special diets etc, and nothing really cleared it.

However what we did find was by using Tea tree oil medicated shampoo and other tea tree oil based ointments, rubbed gently onto her skin, worked wonders. After talking to our vet they did indeed agree that bathing in the Tea tree oil shampoo, and using the medicated cream was indeed healing Molly's skin and dry trouble spots.

I also add in a few teaspoons of pure vegetable oil to Molly's meals, and her coat is always admired for its high shine. She looks the picture of health.

Tea Tree medicated skin treatments for your Dog

I swear by Tea Tree products for using on all my dogs coats and skin, please also consult with your vet first.

Stop your Dog Pulling - The K-9 Harness - If you have a dog that pulls, this is the solution

I had never had experience with a "pulling" dog, Molly in fact will walk better off the lead and at your side, however out on walks near main roads this is just not possible. I have health problems and was getting to the stage I could not take her out on my own for a walk because of the excessive pulling.

So we introduced the Harness if we had known how fast she was going to grow, we would have skipped the 2nd size.

Molly was a natural, I believe because she was still young there was not as much resistance, whereas our Bull mastiff detests the halter and will run around trying to escape putting it on, when realizing she won't leave the house without it she eventually sits down waiting for it to be put on! And who says dogs are stupid?

Our Dog Loves her K-9 Harness
Our Dog Loves her K-9 Harness | Source

© 2010 Lisa Auch

Am I a beautiful Dogue de Bourdeaux? Do I look scary? - Or am I just misunderstood and really a gentle Giant

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    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 3 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      Molly is gorgeous. I had one of these for eleven years. She was an angel and I miss her to this day. Smartest dog I ever had.

    • profile image

      barkingmadtraining 3 years ago

      Molly is a Dogue De Bordeaux also known as French Mastiff, or Bordeaux Bulldog.

    • profile image

      zeeDogWhisperer 3 years ago

      Hello Molly! you are adorable. :)

    • RussnJo profile image

      RussnJo 3 years ago

      Lots of great information here! I love all the family pictures especially. Mastiff's are such wonderful companions . . . I so miss our "Moose" who we lost when a friend was babysitting and ended up being hit by a car . . . a beautiful brindle boy. This is definitely a breed I vote for our next member of the family!

    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 4 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Not only do I think Molly is adorable and sweet (just look at those eyes!) but she is amazingly flexible! ;)

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