Is there a fancy feast recall?

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  1. profile image56
    annamaria9posted 13 years ago

    I never gave my cat Fancy Feast before and on Jan 11th 2009 i gave my 2 year old classic siamese male a can of ocean whitefish & tuna feast Fancy Feast. within less than 24 hours he began mild seizures which lead to seizures comming every 3 mins and some were grand mau siezures. He stayed the night in an animal hospital and they couldnt do anything for him. His name was Karma he was the sweetest pet Ive ever had and he should have had a long life. Instead his life was violently cut short due to a toxic can of cat food. Karma was strictly an indoor cat and 100% healthy.He was spoiled and showered with love. he was also great with babies. I just had my first and only child feb of 2008 and he was so good with her. I am very upset about this. Its never easy losing a pet. it was one of the hardest things ive ever had to watch. if anyone has ever seen someone they love or their pet have a seizure. imagine having them every couple of minutes.the vet gave me hope he might make it but I couldnt allow him to suffer anymore and i put him down this past saturday. he was part of the family and forever be missed. I am searching for another siamese kitten. If anyone is selling or knows of a breeader please contact me.I am hoping it will bring some joy back into my life. Since this tragidy ive completely switched over to all natural/organic foods for me and my other cat.thankfully my other cat is still alive because she didnt have any of the fancy feast.I only pray that this doest happen to anyone else. If this has happened to anyone else please contact me.

  2. profile image48
    Robyn77posted 13 years ago

    I am so deeply sorry for your loss.  My kittie (also on Fancy Feast) died on 2/5/09.  I never knew losing a kittie could be so devastating.  I've had to go to acupuncture to deal with physical problems that developed after she passed away.  It is so terribly painful.

    I noticed the same reaction to Fancy Feast from my cat in the last 3 months of her life.  I worried that something was wrong with the particular can and would offer her a new one.  Sometimes she gobbled the new one down and other times she rejected it also.  I wondered if she smelled something wrong with it.  She was on Fancy Feast wet food for about 6 years. It is difficult to say if her problems were related to her food, but I began to wonder and found similar posts about cats eating FF and getting sick and/or dying. 

    In October, she began to drink lots of water after an operation for a tumor on her leg. All blood work was normal. She started avoiding her Fancy Feast also, but still ate some of it at times.  She began to go downhill quickly after 12/31/08 with the same symptoms mentioned in other posts about Fancy Feast such as weakness in her legs, lethargy, loss of appetite, and drinking lots of water. The vets were puzzled and thought it might be lymphoma or a systemic inflammatory response. A sonogram showed that her spleen was 8 times its normal size. She died on 2/5/09 (we had her put to sleep because the vet said she would not last the night and would begin to have seizures based on her blood work.)

    Now my father's cat (whom I placed on Fancy Feast 2 years ago) is avoiding her Fancy Feast and is losing weight.  The doctor says that she has hyperthyroidism. It is strange that she is avoiding the Fancy Feast when the vet expects her to have a raging appetite. I don't know if the food is related to these physical problems, but we are trying not to lose Dad's kittie now.  He is 86 and she is his "life." 

    I'm going to stop FF immediately and begin cooking most of my Dad's cat food (using a good natural foods pet food recipe book.) These illnesses might be due to other reasons.  Or, the people who have been writing about FF and sick animals in January and February 2009 might be on the forefront of another pet food problem.  Even though we could not save our own kitties, perhaps our awful experiences can help save others.

  3. sunforged profile image70
    sunforgedposted 13 years ago think i had fancy feast for breakfast, thanks for the heads up guys... i found a couple of cool online offers that i thought might brighten up your day.. i took the liberty of using your email addresses for you..figured you to were to busy spreading the word to do it yourself

    you'll love it, i guarantee it

  4. WeddingConsultant profile image64
    WeddingConsultantposted 13 years ago

    Fancy Feast recall? Not that I recall...

  5. profile image48
    kellidawn77posted 13 years ago

    Today is April 8th...I just googled "fancy feast cat sick" and found your posting. I just "treated" my cat to 6 cans of fancy feast in the last week. Suddenly, he is sick! He is a 5 year old cat who has been in EXCELLENT health! Suddenly he has become lethargic, can't jump, barely making it. I took him to the vet on Monday and they can't figure out what is wrong with him. The ONLY thing that has changed recently is getting some fancy feast! I had a hunch and I'm afraid that this may be a problem according to your posts. I will contact my vet in the morning.

  6. GeneriqueMedia profile image60
    GeneriqueMediaposted 13 years ago

    Ahh, I wouldn't be surprised if fancyfeast has a recall.

    I have four rats and I tend to feed them wheat bread, chocolate treats, and whatever I have for dinner.

    My point is....

    ...the pet food you buy, no matter how "good" the ingredients probably don't want anyone eating, let alone a pet. Unless of course it's like bird seed and stuff.

    But I'd advise looking it up.

    Used to work at PetSmart and they're getting sued (along with MANY other companies) for wrongfully selling "gourmet" pet food that was actually worse than some of the cheaper brands.

    Good luck.




    Found this blog here speaking about a recall for fancy feast: … east-choke

    Its a name brand of Purina, who are part of the lawsuit I mentioned above regarding PetSmart.

    1. sunforged profile image70
      sunforgedposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      cmon GM! Two no picture, no hubs - 1 post profiles responding to each other ending with a link!

      It was just a very poor attempt at promotion...they werent worth you taking the time to answer in a civil and informed manner with links and research and everything.

      1. GeneriqueMedia profile image60
        GeneriqueMediaposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        *sighs* I really need to stop being so gullible. But they put my picture in the dictionary next to the definition! At least, thats what someone told me...

        1. sunforged profile image70
          sunforgedposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          On second thought...

            it def is information that everybody should know that has a pet, so maybe your good information will come to help some who inadvertently stumbles upon since you have brought the thread back to life

          The fancy feast recall was real, so it doesnt matter if the original posters were just promoters

          1. GeneriqueMedia profile image60
            GeneriqueMediaposted 13 years agoin reply to this

            Good point. wink Tis why I always try to leave relevant feedback. Well, most of the time, anyway.

   is fun.

            I'm done bumping the thread. wink



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