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how to groom a difficult dog?

  1. chicamom85 profile image52
    chicamom85posted 8 years ago

    how to groom a difficult dog?

    My dog hates to be groomed, she bites and growls

  2. kblover profile image89
    kbloverposted 8 years ago

    I would try to groom her a little at a time, rewarding her if she stays patient. For example, brush her a stroke and give her a treat (keep them small so she doesn't get fat). Do that a few times, and let it go.

    I'd keep doing that for some days and see if she's gets more patient with the grooming. Even as he acclimates to grooming, you'll probably have to do it again from step one for areas like her paws or her underside if you need to groom that area.

    Wally's almost the same - he won't bite/growl, but he's visibly nervous about grooming, though with a reward waiting for him at the end, he'll endure and cope as best he can. Seems to work as the groomers love having him in. smile

  3. JanetLSmith profile image55
    JanetLSmithposted 8 years ago

    1.  Do a little bit of grooming at a time.
    2.  Start with a soft brush and do not pull on tangles and matts.
    3.  Use a calm voice. 
    4.  Reassure and talk to your dog.  Use their name.
    5.  Groom your dog a little bit every single day. 
    6.  Lay a towel on the carpet and use this for the "groom place."
    7.  Give your dog very small tastes of their favorite treat every few minutes (or seconds) while grooming your dog.
    8.  Give lots of praise.
    9.  Tell Your pup how beautiful/handsome they are!
    10.  Praise, and repeat daily, while extending the time and the amount of grooming.

  4. profile image43
    Foxmanposted 8 years ago

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  5. tyler_moore profile image51
    tyler_mooreposted 8 years ago

    positive reinforcement works well in all cases. reward your dog, give him a treat or play his favorite games. Take your time and be patient. Train him bit by bit.

  6. kenya! profile image54
    kenya!posted 8 years ago

    your best bet is to use a muzzle and go about your grooming routine while being calm and assertive.
    if you find this difficult for you to do personally, bring your dog to a professional, don't tell them she bites, just bring her in with the muzzle already on.
    i'm a part time groomer and have found that when i don't know that a dog is a biter before i start grooming them, they usually end up being simple to groom. also dogs are MUCH easier to handle during grooming when the owner is not present.