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we just got a 6 mo old mini rex rabbit and everytime my son trys to pet her she

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    cocoablossomposted 8 years ago

    we just got a 6 mo old mini rex rabbit and everytime my son trys to pet her she growls and leaps at

    him she seems to like she is trying to attack him. what can we do

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    MissDanniposted 8 years ago

    Sounds to me like the new pet hasn't been socialized.

    Children and older people move differently, if the pet has only been around adults - this would explain the troubles.

    As for what you can do ... at this point attempting to let the pet get used to the child is not a good option as the child could get hurt.

    However if you really want to try - the best thing would be to have the pet where he/she can see the child but not get to him/her. This way the pet will learn and accept the way the child moves and acts and in time the pet will not be afraid anymore.

    I hope this helps - best of luck!

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    bunnygrrlposted 8 years ago

    I have two netherland dwarf rabbits and one of them does the EXACT same thing, no matter who is socializing with her.  In fact I'm about ready to do this with my little bunny girl... 
    I've read that when females do this they are either wanting to be bred or will do this while being bred.  In my research on this behavior I've learned that this has nothing to do with socializing, with people anyway, but with hormones.  Getting her spayed can help or possibly getting her a "boy" friend. 
    I would suggest getting her fixed first as going the route of adding a boy bunny can cause more bunnies or you get one of them fixed anyway, but also because getting her a boyfriend can cause the same behavior anyway...  not to mention add more work, cost more, etc.  Or, if it's possible, you could try a boy rabbit as they generally have better temperments.  Although I couldn't imagine giving a pet up after I've cared for it and bonded. 
    You can always speak with your vet or a breeder for more detailed answers as my answer here is just what I've learned from researching online and is by no means a "professional" opinion.
    Good luck with your rabbit.  I hope her behavior changes and your son can have what I know can be a very rewarding relationship with his pet rabbit.

  4. The Info-Bunnie profile image52
    The Info-Bunnieposted 7 years ago

    It is a shy rabbit. Try hand feeding it. It will get used to your child with apples, or fresh vegetables. If that doesn't work, she must have been handled wrong before, or is sick or injured. That is usually when they get aggresive.

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    callue32posted 7 years ago

    lock her in a cage or take her to the vet and see if somethings bothering her or she might be pregnaunt because they really don't like being touched when prenaunt