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How to train puppy

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    HubPagesposted 8 years ago

    How to train puppy

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    akirchnerposted 8 years ago

    Very carefully and very patiently!  There are so many areas to train them in it is amazing. Usually the most important for pet owners is the potty training and that just takes dedication and time.  When you observe the dog beginning to potty in a place where you do not want them to, it is important to quickly react, give a firm but not hysterical "NO" and then deposit the dog (even in mid potty) to the place where he/she is supposed to do it.  The theory of rubbing their nose in it after the fact is bogus.  Nothing ever comes of that in my humble opinion.  The potty training stage just is one that all puppy owners must wade through but if you take the time to do it and do it consistently and OFTEN, you can have a very well trained puppy before you know it. 

    Training a puppy to not chew would be another aspect that comes readily to mind at the forefront.  Having many chew toys that are safe and accessible to your puppy will save you many headaches (and many objects that can be damaged in seconds by a puppy chewing).  Again, the key is spending time and effort and making sure you know what the puppy is doing.  If you cannot watch him/her closely, best to keep them crated while you are busy because their natural instinct is to chew (teething).  Biting on people is also a way to massage their gums and giving them a firm "no" while encouraging them for instance with another word "kisses" (what I use) and then further praising them for actually licking or just stopping the biting is a great way to train them to cease and desist on your hands.  Any part of a puppy training program though is just all about the patience and the continuing education if you will!  They are not puppies forever but it takes time to train them the "right way".

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    xquisit1985posted 8 years ago

    Bringing home a puppy is a big task, and is something that needs to be planned, and well thought out, long before actually bringing the new pet into your home! TRUST ME I have been breeding all different breed of dogs for all my life. As you will... read more

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    Learn all about training Alaskan Malamutes and grooming Alaskan Malamutes. These are stubborn but devoted dogs that need a strong leader. read more

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    Walking the dog takes on a whole new dimension when you move off the beaten path and start to explore more challenging hikes with your best friend.  Four simple commands and some basic common sense about good canine manners on the trail can make hikes with your dog a pleasure for everyone. read more

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