My dog was just neutered, and now humps everything in sight... I don't get it. A

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  1. Katelyn Weel profile image89
    Katelyn Weelposted 14 years ago

    My dog was just neutered, and now humps everything in sight... I don't get it. Any ideas?

  2. pippap profile image78
    pippapposted 14 years ago

    There could be several reasons for this.

    1.  It takes a while for the testosterone to leave your dog's system; so, it will take a few weeks for this type of behaviour to stop.  As the testosterone becomes less and less in the blood, the behaviour will gradually decline.

    2.  If you neutered your dog when he was a bit older, the behaviour may not stop because he has established the habit.  In this case, whether the testosterone is present or not, the behaviour is continued as it has become a established habit.

    Give it a couple of months, everything should settle down by then.

  3. profile image52
    Beth417posted 14 years ago

    Male dogs usually use humping to establish dominance and that could be part of the problem as well.  If he mainly seems to hump peoples legs or other dogs or animals in the house.  Most likely its just a territorial thing.  Everytime you see him start humping then clap and sternly say No or something like that and he should stop.

  4. Leslie1 profile image58
    Leslie1posted 14 years ago

    I have three male dogs. I have had male dogs before. All of my dogs were neutered and all the dogs I have now are neutered.  I have a labradoodle that was actually neutered before he was shipped to me at eight weeks old.

    I have a mutt from the SPCA that was neutered very young as well and I have a 14 year old Labrador retriever that was neutered at a few months old.

    All of my dogs hump. They aren't chronic humpers, but they do hump. In this case, it is definitely not testosterone driven, it is dominance.

    I have found with most dogs I have had that the humping thing is merely one dog telling the other dog, hey big fella, I am the "top dog" around here, so take that!  The other dog responds in kind by either a growl, a snap or a return humping!

    I just yell, "break it up fellas."  However, maybe you could visit:  Sounds like a pheromone device might help calm down the savage beast.

  5. schoolmarm profile image40
    schoolmarmposted 13 years ago

    My dogs were neutered a long time ago and still hump each other and anything else that suits them! I have a little spray bottle of water and just have to pick it up now and they will stop!

    I hope it goes away for you - but if not - the water should work and you will only have to squirt him a couple times until he gets the message and knows you mean business when you pick up the bottle. It can be quite embarrassing when they try to welcome your guests that way!

  6. TheLupasMaster profile image57
    TheLupasMasterposted 13 years ago

    It's trying to show it's dominance. is it male? and what breed is it?

  7. profile image0
    Sherrie Youngposted 11 years ago

    dominance is usually the answer gone to for this, but...
    In a pack order there is this little thing that we humans don't get.  When you neuter or spay you take away there position & they become the "low man on the totem poll" so to speak.  So they are not really trying to dominate, they are trying to form an alliance with everything in sight, because to them they need protection & the "self preservation" that's natural to them.
    I'm not saying that neutering or spaying is bad either (got 3 out of 7 at home that are fixed)
    The same word you use to get them off furniture or whatever the case may be, works for this too... just sayin


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