I just found a stray who was dumped out in the country by my house Friday Dec 18

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    Warningpjposted 8 years ago

    I just found a stray who was dumped out in the country by my house Friday Dec 18th. She is a...

    terrier mix.Last night I noticed she is spotting.
    I have taken her to vet and gotten her shots and cannot get her spayed until Jan 6. Please advise me as to anything I can do for her while she is in heat. Since she is a stray and I was told by a highway patrol man she was out there for over a week I don't know if this is her first or second cycle.
    She is bleeding all over the place so I am putting down pads and towels. Does she need anything for cramps. Do they have cramps? She is sleeping and eating well.
    How long will she be in heat?
    The vet says she is 1 or 1!/2 yrs old.
    Thank you

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    pippapposted 8 years ago

    Bless you for taking in that stray and doing the right thing by her.  This could be a very good relationship for you.  I have always found that rescues make the best pets.

    As for the spotting, dogs usually don't require anything during this time.  She may be a bit sluggish and off her food a bit; but, this is rare.  Keep her inside during this time and take her out for her business on a leash only.  Male dogs can smell a female dog in heat over vast distances; and, will come running.  Don't count on her to help you get away - she'll be flirting up a storm.

    Vets won't usually spay when there is a pregnancy because there is a small added danger; so, you may have to wait past Jan.6 if a pregnancy occurs.

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    karmicfillyposted 8 years ago

    Believe it or not they make doggie diapers.  I never need such a thing since I always got my dogs fixed but I did have a few that
    did have a cycle and heard of these then.  Please watch this dog closely as the scent of her will bring males from miles just to impregnate her.  Good luck and bless you.