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  • Latest dating adventures

    Latest dating adventures

    11 years ago

    Dating in an unhealthy counter dependent world. How it is hard to do relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable. Lessons learned on how to not repeat it and how to spot it for next time.

  • Why I hate smoke alarms today!

    Why I hate smoke alarms today!

    11 years ago

    Funny and frustrating account of how I could not find which smoke alarm was chirping and what I did to find it and solve the problem. Sense a humor is a must in my life.

  • Ladies we can repair anything if we try.

    Ladies we can repair anything if we try.

    11 years ago

    My proud accomplishment in rebuilding/repairing a porch swing that I did not want to throw away. How as women we can do such repairs even if you have never done so before, like me. I knew nothing about it but could figure it out, eventually.

  • Codependency

    Codependency "Blew Up" my tractor

    11 years ago

    Information on how codependency can really blow up things in your life as well as your life. It was a good metaphor for what can happen when you try to do more for another than they are willing to do for themselves. Tough lesson but glad I learned it.

  • Crazy blind dates part 3

    Crazy blind dates part 3

    11 years ago

    My crazy and sometimes awful dating experiences.

  • Crazy blind dates part 2

    Crazy blind dates part 2

    11 years ago

    I was telling a friend recently about some old dates and we laughed so hard she begged me to write a book. I can't say I'm up to writing a book but another blog I certainly can do. She begged me to write this particular story as it was weird yet...

  • Me and my hormones!

    Me and my hormones!

    11 years ago

    I live in a very strange, wonderful little community where if someone finds something they love and that works they tell everyone. Granted I don't always want to hear some of these conversations but I stumbled upon one that I thought I just might...

  • Aloe for extremely burned skin

    Aloe for extremely burned skin

    11 years ago

    Information provided about what I personally did to help relieve an extreme case of sunburn using my favorite aloe plant. Nothing over the counter would work and I was in extreme pain until I went to the old remedy, Aloe plants.

  • My crazy blind dating life!

    My crazy blind dating life!

    11 years ago

    I have been dating on and off for the past 10 years with mixed results. If you asked me 11 almost 12 years ago when I divorced if I'd still be single I would have laughed. I no longer laugh when asked about my dating life as it has gone from...

  • The time I sanded my lips.

    The time I sanded my lips.

    11 years ago

    One of my silly stories of how I didn't think something threw and how it impacted me, physically. I actually did sand my lips and paid the price for it. Priceless lesson learned and lot of laughter, now.

  • What would we do without our four legged friends?

    What would we do without our four legged friends?

    11 years ago

    Story about my beloved dog Maggie and how the reality of her aging and leaving this world has recently hit me. She has been the greatest dog I have ever owned and I am grateful for all the years we have had together.

  • What is Codependency? Am I codependent?

    What is Codependency? Am I codependent?

    11 years ago

    This is a short explaination of what I believe Codependency is. As a member of CODA for 11 years I have worked in this program as a mentor and advise/help others with their issues.

  • Empty Nest Syndrome: saying goodbye

    Empty Nest Syndrome: saying goodbye

    11 years ago

    What it was like this year to say goodbye to my dearest daughter as she moved from Tennessee to California. The heartbreak I felt as she left home and how much it hurt for me as a mom to watch her go.

  • Dating, not as easy as it sounds....

    Dating, not as easy as it sounds....

    11 years ago

    The dating world as I see it. How difficult it can be and how it would be nice to be appreciated for being who we really are. Not easy out there in this dating world.

  • Lyme Disease Again

    Lyme Disease Again

    11 years ago

    Information about the 3 times I have personally had Lyme disease, my research and what I have done to treat this disease. Use of modern medicine and use of homeopathic remedies all put this disease in remission.

  • Some days I wish I was a Guy!

    Some days I wish I was a Guy!

    12 years ago

    My frustrating story about how it would be easier somedays if I were the opposite sex. It is difficult to run a farm all by myself and have to be so strong and female. Just another story.

  • Nashville's Flooding and sorrows

    Nashville's Flooding and sorrows

    13 years ago

    Story of how Nashville got close to 20 inches of rain in 2 days and how it impacted me and others. It was such a freak of nature that may never happen again but we all learned a lesson and now can prepare for better in the future.

  • My scare with CANCER

    My scare with CANCER

    11 years ago

    My personal experience of what it was like to be diagnosed with cancer and how I dealth with it. What are some warning signs to a skin cancer and how to not deny it exists.

  • Oh my aching Back!

    Oh my aching Back!

    11 years ago

    Back problems and what can be done to get treatment and alleviate pain. Lots of methods don't require surgery and can be extremely helpful and permanent if used and kept up. I introduce you to a few of these and why they worked for me.

  • Septic Problems 101

    Septic Problems 101

    14 years ago

    What more needs to be said but septic problems are a huge issue, what to do about them and how to prevent them if possible.

  • Allergies and the Spring

    Allergies and the Spring

    14 years ago

    What it is like to have awful spring allergies, what can be done and how to try to do some prevention. Holistic remedies, over the counter meds and nutritional supplements all to combat this irritating spring reaction.

  • Parenting is no picnic!

    Parenting is no picnic!

    11 years ago

    Stories about how hard it is to do a good job parenting and how it can feel. Lessons learned while doing this "hardest job on earth" and how I now use such lessons with helping others.

  • Heart attack or Heartburn in women?

    Heart attack or Heartburn in women?

    11 years ago

    My account of how I honestly thought I might be having a heart attack, symptoms and what it really was. I did research into what to look for and how to be careful with symptoms.

  • Lit your hair on fire lately?

    Lit your hair on fire lately?

    11 years ago

    The story of how I manage to usually burn my hair off each and every winter by not being careful enough at the outdoor wood stove. Mean for humor but also as information what not to do.

  • Why I dread going to the mechanic!

    Why I dread going to the mechanic!

    14 years ago

    How I dislike going into any garage where men gather to "make me look like an idiot" regarding my vehicle. The dread I feel when I need to make that trip is almost enough to make me deny that I need to have it repaired.

  • Just shy of 2 weeks.....

    Just shy of 2 weeks.....

    14 years ago

    Well it seems just shy of a lifetime ago, but just 13 days ago I did something I've been wanting to do for almost 10 years.  I completely went off the drug Effexor.  It can be prescribed for anxiety, depression, or as mood stabilizer.  I'm sure...

  • Celery Makes Me Mad?

    Celery Makes Me Mad?

    4 years ago

    My story on how much I dislike celery and why it makes me so mad. Not sure why I hate it but it came to me one night I needed to write about this.

  • On F**king Edge Today

    On F**king Edge Today

    11 years ago

    Horrible symptoms from detoxing from effexor anti-depressant. How no one tells you what to expect and what I did to try to cope with all that was happening.

  • Another day without Effexor

    Another day without Effexor

    14 years ago

    Once again I am determined not to go back to the drug that is causing all of this trouble, Effexor. I have made it another 24 hours and I am grateful to still be coherent enough to even type let alone blog about my experiences. Side effects seem...

  • Hard lessons learned in 2009

    Hard lessons learned in 2009

    14 years ago

    At the beginning of 2009 if you had told me all that I had to experience I would not have believed you. The thought of my body betraying me with injury after injury would never have crossed my mind. I was invincible in my mind. I never really...

  • My first day without Effexor.

    My first day without Effexor.

    13 years ago

    My horrifying experience detoxing for the anti-depressant called Effexor. They don't tell you how hard it is to get off of it so they dowl it out like candy. It is an awful drug and you should know what you are getting into before you decide to try it.

  • what is equine assisted psychotherapy?

    what is equine assisted psychotherapy?

    14 years ago

    A brief synopsis of what equine assisted psychotherapy is and how I use it in my practice with clients. Gives you a little insight about it and what it is not. No riding involved and how metaphorical learning is used.


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