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I have a maltese and he constantly gets these sores on his face by im scratching

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    katy2969posted 8 years ago

    I have a maltese and he constantly gets these sores on his face by im scratching so much. I've...

    tried everything from changing foods, using angel eyes, shampooing, with different shampoos, cooking his foods, what might be wrong?

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    lisaluv9784posted 8 years ago

    The best thing to do would be to consult with your vet.Your dog may have severe allergies,sensitve skin,or any number of health issues.Your vet will be able to help better than anybody else,because he is experienced in this sort of thing,and will be able to exaimne the dog in person.

  3. beverleynash profile image62
    beverleynashposted 8 years ago

    Sometimes the simplest answer can be the one overlooked.  Any chance he has fleas?

    Also these toy breeds can get skin problems because they are sensitive.

    If you're not already feeding him a gluten free dog food, do that.  Feed a fish and rice, chicken and rice or lamb and rice dry kibble - the best quality you can afford.

    Evening primrose oil on the food (just get capsules and break them/stir the oil in) has vitamin E which I used for my rescue Dobe years ago as she had very bad skin

    Is he scratching as a 'displacement activity' - this means is he bored, or lonely, and finding something to do with himself.  More exercise plus a DAP dog pheromone diffuser can help reduce stress.

    Actually shampooing can make the problem worse because it dries out the skin, leading to more itching.

    And the more scratching he does, the more he will want to do because damaged skin itches when it's healing.

    You should consider putting him in a buster collar (I call it a 'cone') so he can't scratch his face while you're working out the problem.

    Do go to your vet, but I'd definitely check out all herbal and homeopathic options first.  Vets tend to just prescribe drugs, but I've had great results using natural remedies first.


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    amuletsposted 8 years ago

    I have a silky terrier and feed him with human food. He loves it especially chicken, duck or pork. I think your dog might have allergy. Bring to a vet and they can confirm the problem.