My friend got pregnant and asked if I would take care of her leopard gecko durin

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    tonkaz10posted 8 years ago

    My friend got pregnant and asked if I would take care of her leopard gecko during that time

    I had previously purchased and adopted 2 LG of my own and was excited to help out.  Since I started taking care of G.G.  she has had some problems shedding and is a pickier eater than my 2.  For about the past month, she hasn't ate anything at all.  I have changed her diet and gave her different choices such as mealworms, waxworms and crickets.  She won't touch them at all.  She has been sleeping a lot as well.  She has always had an uth, heat lamp for about 10 hours of the day and reptile carpet as the substrate.  Last night my finance' calls and t

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    Whitney05posted 8 years ago

    It's probably stress from moving homes. Leave the gecko alone, still offering food and removing what's uneaten after about 1-15 minutes, especially if offering crickets.

    Has she always had issues eating? That could definitely play a part in her not eating now. Just watch to make sure that the gecko doesn't have parasites or anything bc it could potentially be passed to your other geckos.

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    tonkaz10posted 8 years ago

    Excuse me punk!  She isn't unwed! Her and her husband make good money and are very happy.  If you know anything about child birth, you are not suppose to be around feces.  It is not healthy for a pregnancy.  Apparently you have nothing better to do aka a job than to write ignorant accusations online. So, you "FUGGEDABOUDIT" a$$hole!!!

       The move is not recent.  I have had her for almost a year.  I did inspect her the previous night before her tail fell off to ensure that she didn't have any skin issues.  I do make sure that her moist hide stays wet.  She really doesn't have a hard time eating, you basically have to throw her food infront of her to get her attention to eat it.  She hasn't eaten in about a month, sleeps a lot and now has no tail.  Any other ideas?