Hi Whitney, I saved a dog off the street, it wont stay in my back yard. Can y

  1. cmoores47 profile image49
    cmoores47posted 8 years ago

    Hi Whitney,  I saved a dog off the street,  it wont stay in my back yard.  Can you help?

    It is an 8mo. old pitbull.  The vet loved him, and said they are great dogs.  His second night here he has chewed up my back door trying to get in,  and he can climb the fench.  I was planning on adopting a pit/mix but i have 5 snakes and plan on breeding them so, i held off on the dog.

  2. Whitney05 profile image82
    Whitney05posted 8 years ago

    Try to find the owner. Obviously the dog is prone to escaping, and is more than likely someone's missing pet.

    The only thing you can do is put up an outdoor kennel or crate the dog in the house. You could consider a taller fence, underground fence (although they're not always the most reliable and pits are very smart), or an electric line around the fence.

    Surprised the vet was able to give you such an approximate age. Typically an 8month old dog would be estimated without knowing anything other than appearance at probably a year or year and a half. It's odd you or your vet was like 'ah the dog looks about 8 months.'