hello i am new here can someone please tell me how to care for a 2 week old gre

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    tabathafogtposted 8 years ago

    hello i am new here  can someone please tell me how to care for a 2 week old green cheek concure

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    Dee Parkerposted 7 years ago

    first of all it needs to be on some form of heat - get a copy of Bird Talk or look for a book on handfeeding and it will give u all the details - I can assume the bird is not feathered so you will need to put bird into a small aquarium with paper toweling and some type of therm. and a heating pad also put newspaper underneath toweling and put the bird in a very small container something square or round to keep it from rolling all over and into this container make a round collar for baby to put its head - temp cannot exceed 90o feel its body and if it starts panting it is too hot - cover acquarium with a pillow case halfway so baby can get rest.  Go to pet store and get handfeeding formula pay attention to directions according to mix and heat test it on you wrist as you wud a baby and the consis. of mustard use an eyedropper and it will need to be fed four times a day for along time then gradually get down to one feeding it is a long process abut two months.  As bird feathers out reduce feeding and heat  GET A HANDFEEDIN BOOK!!!!