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how to stop my dog from pooping in house-she was house trained

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    chloechaselogposted 7 years ago

    how to stop my dog from pooping in house-she was house trained

    my dog was originally house trained and now started pooping in house.  she has free roam of kitchen and living room and we leave food out for her all day.  I can leave for 15 mins and she will poop.

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    dora16posted 7 years ago

    maybe you should see if she will poop outside and try seeing if she still remembers to poop in her cage.if that doesnt work try this when she poops in the house put her in her cage for 20-25 minutes and then she will know not to poop in the house any more.

  3. RunnerJane33 profile image49
    RunnerJane33posted 7 years ago

    I think this is a psychological thing, not a "I forgot" or physical problem. The 2 times my house trained dog has pooped in the house, it was at the foot of my bed. You can't tell me that isn't some messed up Freudian thing.

    Especially since it only takes 15 minutes until she poops, its not like she is trying to hold it.

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    Rookie70posted 7 years ago

    The dog needs to be taking for a good walk at least 2xs a day. It should be once in the early moring. and the other in the early evening, unless it needs to go outside earlier. Feed the dog only at certian times of the day. don't give it too much food at once, The idea is to condition his/her body to go to bathroom at certain times,. The pet is only as  good as we train them to be.

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    My Dog Trainingposted 7 years ago

    You should not give food all day long, try to have a schedule which fits to you and your dog. You will know, when your dog eat, keep your eyes on your dog. After couple times you will know when she is going to poop again. If she is pooping you were not around try to crate training for a while. That is another helpful training method for housetraining. I think scheduling will solve your problem unless if your dog has a physical problem. Hope it helps smile Let me know how it goes...

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    parkercolemanposted 7 years ago

    I agree with "Dog Training." If the once-a-day feeding and crate training don't get your dog back on an outside schedule, it would be wise to have your vet examine her for any physical issues. At that, if this is purely behavioral, you may need to either crate her while you're away, or kennel her outside--depending on the size and disposition of your dog, the climate in your area, and your budget. You may also want to consider giving her a new (or recycled) toy as you go out the door to take her mind off you leaving. Her free roam of the kitchen and living room should be curtailed from now on since she isn't trustworthy about her pooping!

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    Karan Mayoposted 6 years ago

    You dog should be put out at certain times of the day, do not leave her food out either give her food in the morning or evening leave for 30mins then take it away, she will not starve but give it to her at the same time everyday. If she is pooing in the same place try spraying your own deoderant on that spot this should deter her.