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How would you deal with a child that has no interest in reading?

  1. kimba0806 profile image52
    kimba0806posted 7 years ago

    How would you deal with a child that has no interest in reading?

  2. UnlimitedDY profile image60
    UnlimitedDYposted 7 years ago

    I understand how you may be feeling about this. Reading is, after all, an essential part of life. I would suggest pointing out to the child that some of their favourite things were created/designed/made/whatever by people who would have read; in order, of course, to inspire their creativity. If you want to gently urge the child into reading, how about selecting some interesting pieces to read to them, be that a small childrens book or something relevant to them, for example if they have another interest a book on that would be great, but make sure to have their attention (by making it a comfy and gentle environment) without seizing it. If you start off with that, they may start reading along, its just a case of trial and error with different pieces.  Reward them with something simple after every read, then they will become conditioned to enjoy reading.Of course, if the child simply sees you, and others, enjoying reading, they may become interested by default. I certainly hope this helps. Regards, UnlimitedDY

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    hot lips houlihanposted 7 years ago

    my grandma always read...i don't ever remember not reading, however, my sister irish hated reading, i just made it interesting...no pressure, no grades, just made it the coolest thing in the world to do....it's an escape, when you're grounded, when the weather's bad, books are an escape....

  4. avorodisa profile image85
    avorodisaposted 5 years ago

    As children read, this makes their imagination work. Beyond every word the image is created by their own mind. However, to get the taste of reading one needs to have a habit to do so. It is the parents' task to develop this skill. Here are a few methods suggested by pedagogues. read more