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My kitten has loose stool and gas after switching from Authority to Wellness wha

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    Stephbposted 7 years ago

    My kitten has loose stool and gas after switching from Authority to Wellness what is a better brand

    When she was on Authority she was fine but I want to feed her a better quality food. If she has problems on Wellness does this mean I should feed her a lower quality food? Or what other high quality food meant for kitten (both dry and wet... i cant afford only wet food) would be better for her than wellness? Also she has been on wellness over two months and the problem has not gone away. The only time it went away was when she got sick and was on special food from the vet... but again it was a very low grade food.

    Thank you,

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    SharonO.posted 7 years ago

    Hi Stephanie,
    That's odd because Wellness is an excellent food. There are other brands that are also very good too though and maybe you should try switching to one of them. She maybe allergic to something in that brand that is causing the problem. There is a brand called Blue Buffalo. It is excellent also and they have both dried and wet.

    Its good by the way, that you are feeding both as cats need to get more fluid from their food. In the wild they get 70% of their fluid intake from their prey.

    If she still has problems after this switch then what I would recommend is to feed her people food in place of the wet canned food and continue with the dried kibble from either Wellness or Blue Buffalo.

    You can use chicken (dark meat is better than white because it contains more fat which they need), chicken livers, some fish (careful of bones though), canned salmon, canned tuna in water, I even mix sardines and salmon together and they love it. I boil the chicken and the liver and I simmer any fresh fish in water. Feed the same amount you would if it were canned. As long as she remains on the kibble and this too you will not have to worry about supplementation.

    I'm new on here, so just for the record...I was a vet asst. for 15 years and a cat and various other animals Mommy my whole life. Good luck and I hope this helps you. God bless, Sharon

  3. puebloman profile image60
    pueblomanposted 7 years ago

    I would have her put down. There are too many cats in the world and all of them eat meat - a very high energy requiring food. Better kill the cat and feed starving people

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    jasper420posted 7 years ago

    the loose stool and gas are from the switch itself not the food a good food would be science diet for sensitve stomaches or if you want cheaper purina cat chow what ever you choose mix a little bit of what she is already eating with the new food just until she gets use to it i know this because i have a puppy and he went through the same thing good luck to you and your new kitty