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We adopted a stray male adult cat and needs to be litter box trained

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    12daniana28posted 7 years ago

    We adopted a stray male adult cat and needs to be litter box trained

    We adopted a stray male adult cat and we are asked to keep it separate from the other cats because of the fleas and lice he has. We need to litter box train him but we tried everything from keeping it clean to putting other cats poop in it and then we tried putting him in it and putting his poop that he does not make it in the litter box we even tried changing his litter to something that feels like dirt from outside but he does it once or twice and then he goes right next to the litter box. What can I do? We can't bring him up with the rest of us until he is litter box trained so now we don

  2. Lady Guinevere profile image61
    Lady Guinevereposted 7 years ago

    Is he fixed?  I hope so.  Now cats will automatically for the most part go in a litter box if there is nothing else around them.  It woulkd be wise to put him in a small room with a litter box over night.  He will use it.  I had a cat that would not use the litter box for a couple of times.  I also had some newspaper in the large crate with him and he confused that with a litter box.  If it doesn't happen the first time keep trying and he will get it.  Many happy moments with your new friend!

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    valeriebelewposted 7 years ago

    actually, I've already written one titled "How to Teach a Stray or adult cat to use a litterbox."  If you go to "more" on my hub site, you should be able to find it.  Or email me and I'll send you the link back.  (:v

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    MistyBposted 7 years ago

    I have been a cat owner for 20 years my experience with litter box training is all you have to do is place a cat in the box.  The cat will use the litter box by instict. Cats like to cover their feces to hide their scent from there enemies.

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    patdmaniaposted 7 years ago

    Just be consistant with the cat.  The older they are the harder it is to train them.  It may take awhile.