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i want to no how to Make a horse rear on comarnd

  1. profile image45
    Bill88posted 7 years ago

    i want to no how to Make a horse rear on comarnd

  2. David R Bradley profile image83
    David R Bradleyposted 7 years ago

    Well, you should start by putting on some soft music and lighting a few candles.  And perhaps a few glasses of wine.  And defiantly take your time and go slow...

  3. Sir Dragon profile image61
    Sir Dragonposted 7 years ago

    (1) Find a way to get him to raise his front legs,  (2) Give him a command when he does it.  (3) then give him a treat, either sugar, an apple, or a carrot (something he/she likes)

    After a few times and he/she is accoustomed to the command, you should now give the command FIRST.

    (1) Give the command  (2) The horse raises up (3) then he is rewarded with the treat. 

    Have fun.

  4. hawth11 profile image60
    hawth11posted 7 years ago

    First of all...this is a BAD idea. Teaching a horse to rear is just plain dangerous and because of the pressure that needs to be put on the horse to get him to come off of his front feet, the training to do so should be done by a professional ONLY.