My Cat seems to have an alergy to something. His inner eye lids (membranes) are

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    Fuzzy-Catzposted 7 years ago

    My Cat seems to have an alergy to something.  His inner eye lids (membranes) are slow to retract...

    no discharge and he sneezes and his nose runs occasionally, only drips like water, not infected.  My vet gave him a brown pasty medicine in a syringe to put in his mouth and it really worked well, but of course when you find something perfect, they take it off the market. My vet said it is not cat flu and seems to be an alergy. Can you please give me some advice. If it makes any difference, He is Birman-Ragdoll and his sister is healthy. Thanks. Sharon

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    santos88posted 6 years ago

    Try putting him on a grain-free food. Grains are a typical cause of allergies.