Should Animals Be Used In Research Aimed At Benefiting Humans And Not Animals?

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  1. ngureco profile image82
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    Should Animals Be Used In Research Aimed At Benefiting Humans And Not Animals?

    Can The World Count On You As One Who Is Ready To Stand Up And Fight For Animal Rights As Well As Liberation Of Animals So That Animals’ Basic Interests Are Protected Just As The Basic Rights Of Humans?

  2. profile image0
    rakubaposted 8 years ago

    Eating animals is also violation of right of animals.

  3. davidseeger profile image60
    davidseegerposted 8 years ago

    NO! The benefits of using animals over-ride any considerations that animals are due. Animals have no "rights." That doesn't mean I will condone any unnecessary cruilty to animals. But animal considerations come in a distant second to consideration for human.beings.

  4. diogenes profile image72
    diogenesposted 8 years ago

    Well, David Seeger and others who defend human's actions in vivisection and other animal experiments, most of which terminate in the animal dying, meanwhile living in fear, misery and often great pain, your ideas will soon be "vindicated," because, one way or another, we will have disposed of all the other wildlife on the planet.  We will see how long the successful killer-ape, man, manages to hang on after that.....Robert Challen de Mercer

  5. Misty39 profile image60
    Misty39posted 7 years ago

    Wow this post hit the nail right on the head:
    Number one my ut-most important topic is that animals are being used in labs by the billions and are not treating humans diseases but to re-create those that have subsided as far as diseases are concerned.Elderly are also being used in these tests especially those with out any families.(no one can tell)
    I've seen all and tell all.Many doctors are telling their patients they are allergic to their animals,the patients surrender their pets into shelters from there they are used in the severity of lab experiments,if and only if they survive they are re-adopted for a huge price, diseases and all,then the vets make big money to treat these man made diseases,but for most part people have these sickly pets put to sleep rather than pay such a steep vets bill......This is all like a link round and round we go;from patients,to doctors,to labs,to vets. then to be euthanized......Sad isn't it? I paid a lot for a cat that actually adopted me.She had been to the labs and was a wreck,she was the sweetest cat I ever saw or even had,she had a strong desire to live but she only lived six weeks with no liver,cancer and her teeth were removed (labs).RIP  my little zoie ......
    "The greatest of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated." By: Gandhi

  6. clairemy profile image78
    clairemyposted 6 years ago

    Why should we use animals for human product research. There are plenty of humans who are totally unfit ever to be allowed into society again and costing the taxpayer and governments everywhere billions of dollars/pounds....currency.
    If these "people" cannot be rehabilitated then why not use them. After all many people volunteer to be guinea pigs in pharmaceutical, and cosmetic research, so why not?
    I can understand animals used for research into animal pharmaceuticals because frequently their physiology is totally different to humans, but no more than that. It is cruel and painful, and with all the synthetic materials available now animals who have such a silent voice should be used as sparingly as possible and definitely not for helping human beautification.


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