What is the real cost of owning a dog?

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    reikifriendsposted 7 years ago

    What is the real cost of owning a dog?


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    Nolapeteposted 7 years ago

    The breed of dog you choose will greatly impact the real cost of ownership.  Larger dogs require more food and more space.  Some dog breeds are prone to health issues.  All of that must be factored in.  Some require grooming, while others can just be bathed.  Barring any health issues, the cost vaccinations, food, toys, grooming or bathing products, leash, collar, food/water bowls, toys, treats, nail clippers and brushes, cropping/docking if applicable, and heartworm meds should all be factored into the real cost of owning a dog.  If you rent your home, a pet deposit may also need to be added to the cost.  In addition, the actual cost of the dog or adoption fees need to be considered.

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    ButterQueen2707posted 7 years ago

    A lot I have one: Pet insurance, Medical Bills, Grooming, food, treats no to mention everything they destroy but there is no denying they are amazing.