I have read alot on your site. and i got good stuff out of it. I just got my fir

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    dennigirlposted 7 years ago

    I have read alot on your site. and i got good stuff out of it. I just got my first leporad gecko.

    she is adorable! This morning i looked and she is shedding.the skin on top of her head wont come off though. We havent really played cause i dont want to scare her. so everyday i would put my hand in there and let her lick my finger. its very cute. i have read in the previous comments that sand is harmful. but thats what i have with a light over top and a heat pad under. she has a hiding spot and a water dish.i feed her crickets. but i just leave them in there lik u do. am i doing everything right?? i want her to be the happiest. anything else i should do?

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    Ghost32posted 7 years ago

    You're doing great!  The only thing you might think abou changing would be, yes, the sand.  We did exactly like you, using sand as a substrate, for nearly two years--and never had a problem.  But some do, and I believe the stories. 

    The problem with the "edible sand" is that (according to various online sources which do seem credible) it's really not all that edible.  In some leopard geckos, they wind up swallowing too much sand over time...and eventually it clogs up their insides.  Not a good picture.

    So we eventually quit using sand at all and went to plain old paper towels.  Our Missy seems just fine with that and has even discovered that she can lift up one layer of towel and slide under there, using it like you or I would use a simple blanket.  She loves that!

    So do the crickets, of course, 'cause they can scoot under and hide anywhere the paper towel edges are even slightly loose.

    Overall, though, it sounds like you've pretty much got it figured out.  Congratulations, and enjoy!