hi, i have owned birds and parrots my whole life and never experienced any major

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    laurancetsangposted 7 years ago

    i have owned birds and parrots my whole life and never experienced any major screaming...

    problems until recently. my female pearl cockatiel of 9 years has been a loving pet. about 2 months ago she laid 7 eggs, i let her sit on them until she was bored and now she screams constantly since that incident. once every 3 seconds to be exact, the only time she is quiet is when she eats or preens. im on the verge of getting rid of her as she caused me to have a mental breakdown due to this noise constantly and would much prefer to keep her as i have owned her since birth. she is touch, stick and flight trained however i cant work this one out. any ideas

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    mandolynnposted 7 years ago

    I'm guessing she is your only tiel, and if so, then her laying eggs at all, let alone at 9 may be a cause for concern. When a parrot suddenly lays eggs without a mate, it can be caused by a increase in stress, underlying illness, or hormonal changes. Has anything changed in her routine or environment? My Ringneck layed eggs at 8 for the first time right after a boyfriend moved in with me. Or has there been an  increase in light? The reason is very important to figure out so it doesn't continue. Your bird is probably screaming because of hormones or sunlight changes. Make sure she is getting 12 hours of darkness  to sleep and try to get her routine back to normal. Also, make sure she has sufficient time out of her cage and plenty of new and exciting toys inside her cage. When you took that bird home, you made a promise to care for it for the rest of its life. If you give up on it, it will probably just get bounced around from home to home.