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my labrador was diagnosed with diabetes

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    keleigh01posted 7 years ago

    my  labrador was diagnosed with diabetes

    my  labrador was diagnosed with diabetes 1 week before christmas within 4 days she went blind she is so miserable she as gone from a big bubbly fun lovin dog to a frail helpless dog even with insulin its not makin anything better for her please could you help me make the right choices to hease her pain and well being .

  2. Vivian Gomez profile image60
    Vivian Gomezposted 7 years ago

    Have you gone back to the vet or to another vet for a second opinion?? I suggest you do so and fast before taking any drastic steps.

    Good luck.

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    keleigh01posted 7 years ago

    yes i have been many times as we werent given any choices towards what we wanted to do just give her insulin which made her go blind within 3 or 4 days after since then shes had man y accidents which was to be expected, was thinking of having her eyes operated on but the vets advised against it. since the last visit shes lost almost all her body weight  ino if she could talk she would be telling me the pain she is in , it hurts me to watch this as ive had her eight year and the vet say there is nothing i can do to help apart from give her insulin but i wont give up, if i had choices before i no there  is ways round of insulin injections but they never gave me options.

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    Puppyluvposted 7 years ago

    Definitely give your dog the insulin injections to help control the diabetes.  This will help with the weight loss.  If you can afford it, you could take her to a veterinary ophthalmologist for her eyes.  There may not be anything they can do, but doesn't hurt to try.  The insulin didn't cause her blindness, it was probably the diabetes or an unrelated condition.  Do what you can within your means and after you've done everything you can, you can make the decision to euthanize without feeling any guilt.  If you need anything else, feel free to contact me.