Diabetes? Humor, why not laugh?

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  1. Betty Jo Petty profile image56
    Betty Jo Pettyposted 10 years ago

    I have diabetes.  I love Sugar.  I hate to exercise.  I don't like water.

    Gosh, have I been on the wrong road all my life.  Well, not all, but...

    Anyone else with diabetes?  Betty Jo

    1. BoCot profile image51
      BoCotposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I have been treating my  Type 2 Diabetes for about 7 years now, my mother and grandfather had it. I am the only one out of ten kids that got it. I am lucking in one way, my Wife worked in the local hospital in the dietary department. So she knew all the diets they recommend, and convinced me to start walking daily. I am 67 and walk 3 - 5 miles daily with her. I have never had a real problem with it, thanks to her I lost about 60 pounds and keep it off.

      Would anyone like to join a health and wellness group I started, it will be dealing mostly with diabetes. BoCot

      P.S. There is no commercial connection with this group.

  2. Marisa Wright profile image96
    Marisa Wrightposted 10 years ago

    One of my former employees has diabetes.  I worry about him, because he drinks Coke and eats lollies.  He's in his twenties, with a wife and a young baby.  I think he's in denial and I'm afraid he will do himself - and his family - no good by not taking care of himself

  3. Betty Jo Petty profile image56
    Betty Jo Pettyposted 10 years ago

    Colas are one of the worst thing to drink.  They are loaded with added sugar.
    A little fruit is supposedly okay, vegetables.

    He most likely is in denial.  I hope he is watching his numbers.  Diabetes can cause lots of things to go wrong.

    He has a young wife and child to consider. 

    Anyone with hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, diabetes, needs to learn as much as possible about these conditions.

    Having a balanced diet helps.  Please get medical help, even if you must go to a health dept.
    Call for help.  Diabetes.org is on internet.

    I CARE.  Betty Jo Petty

  4. stephhicks68 profile image89
    stephhicks68posted 10 years ago

    Hi Betty Jo,

    I have Type I diabetes.  I was diagnosed in my mid-30s after I had my twins.  I've now had it for 5 years.  It can be tough to manage at times - like now when I have pneumonia - yikes!  But mostly, because I use the insulin pump and test about 8-10 times a day, I can keep my numbers within range.  I have done so much research, I feel like an MD at times!  LOL....  I basically don't eat chips or rice anymore and limit pasta.  I do eat sweets from time to time, but I just make sure I give myself an extra big shot of insulin.

    I love to read other people's stories.  I subscribe to Diabetes Forecast and actually published an essay a few years ago.

    Someone that has not been diagnosed yet - likely with Type 2 - needs to get in to a doctor right away and see what they can do to either change their diet and/or get on medication to help their body process the sugars they are ingesting.  Your body does not only need insulin to process "sugar" but anything that has carbohydrates in it - including milk, fruit, most vegetables, bread/grain products, and most anything processed!  A diabetic either lacks the insulin, or has a deficient amount of insulin, causing blood sugar to build up to dangerous levels.   Signs of pre-diabetes, or diabetes include excessive thirst, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, dizziness.  This is serious.  A person can pass out or even die without knowing that they have diabetes (usually Type 2).  See my hub page on diabetes for more...



  5. stephhicks68 profile image89
    stephhicks68posted 10 years ago

    Here is the link to my hub page:

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Ten-Ways-to-Imp … tes-Health

    It was my first one, so I was just thinking about editing it to provide a few links and some additional information.


  6. Betty Jo Petty profile image56
    Betty Jo Pettyposted 10 years ago

    I'm assuming you use the finger-stick method to test which is what I use.  You must be so terribly sore from that.  Ouch.
    Do you use this method, or the one I haven't seen which is a new non-stick kind?
    It sounds like you have yours pretty much under control, which I'm still working on.  I, unfortunately, ate wrong for most of my life, which is a lot longer than yours.  Although, I feel only seventeen!  Well, sometimes I don't.
    Working to Alert the public to things we know from experience is really important.

    People should teach babies on up the correct food choices, and to grow to like those types of food.  And drink!

    Water is so more important than , I think, most people realize.  And Exercise!

    Thanks for your comments. Betty Jo

  7. stan6637 profile image47
    stan6637posted 10 years ago

    I have diabetes also, thanks mom, it is a family trait on my mothers side, I do control it fairly well with diet and exercise. The food I try to eat is the low glycemic index foods, they tend to digest slowly and evenly and not give a rapid insulin spike.

    I was told by my DR. that sodas like coke, pepsi or mt.dew which we all like have about 13 tablespoons of sugar in a 20 oz bottle. His recommendation was not to give them up completely, but to limit them to one a week as a treat for being good the rest of the week.. Now you have to be honest with yourself to get your treat.

  8. stephhicks68 profile image89
    stephhicks68posted 10 years ago

    Hi yes, I use the awful finger stick method.  And, because some of my fingers bleed better than others, I keep using them over and over.  I know that I could probably test on my forearm, but I'm used to this, and I don't mind the callouses.  I'm not really into pretty nails or anything.... :-)

    Like most people, I have my good days and bad.  I'm sick right now, so I'm having a time with keeping the numbers down.  I'm overdue for my quarterly appt. with my doctor too, and need labs (if you read my hubs - do as I say not as I do!!).  But, yes, I am fortunately pretty young and healthy.

    I totally agree with you on the teaching babies and children the correct food choices.  AND - they need to learn what a serving size is!  More on that later - I'll write a HubPage on that!

    Talk soon- Steph

  9. Betty Jo Petty profile image56
    Betty Jo Pettyposted 10 years ago

    Happy Days of Diabetics!!!

    I'm facing having to have shots.  Doc told me get off the sugar, lose weight and exercise. I do blame a lot of my problems on family situation.  I have no one to walk with, but I do have an exercise bike and an ab lounge chair.  The chair sits folded in the hallway. 
    The grandchildren take turns on the bike.  It seems each time I look that way, one is on it. They need exercise, too!

    I have lost between fifteen to twenty pounds, one day some, another a different number.
    So, I am afraid to go back for that appointment.

    This is exactly the response I was hoping for.  I'm sure we could all use hints on the correct foods.  (I tend to Love sugar).  Is this psychological?  I've always loved it.

    Any one else that can help us, and tell us about how Diabetes makes you so Happy?  I really hate it.  When I have sugar, I feel bad, end up asleep!  Anyone else???

    BoCot, let us know where to find it!

    1. Kelley Eidem profile image58
      Kelley Eidemposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Betty Jo, I've got some great news for you and your sugar cravings.

      But first, your food desires and fatigue are classic for diabetics. Although modern medicine hasn't quite made the connection yet, it is well known in the research community that diabetics have high levels of yeast growth.

      Yeast lives on sugar and so does your brain, so it's only natural that you'd crave sugar. Your fatigue is a natural biological response to the diabetes, too.

      Thank goodness, it's entirely possible to get rid of the cravings without denying yourself, which will have the side benefit of increasing your energy.

      I've written more about it on my hub. The topic says it's for ending food cravings and flattening your tummy, but it applies equally well for any yeast problem, including diabetes.

      Two more things first, though. I've met diabetics who take several grams of cinnamon capsules a day, spread out throughout the day whose blood sugar stays normal. Cinnamon has the advantage of lowering sugar that's too high AND raising blood sugar that is too low.

      Secondly, alpha lipoic acid is another supplement that has huge protective benefits for diabetics, such as helping protect your brain from turning into mush. It's an unfortunate but accurate statistic that diabetics are 5 times more likely to develop Alzheimers disease. But because alpha lipoic acid can pass through the blood-brain barrier, it can help reduce the risk.

      Now here's the link on how to eliminate the yeast that causes those sugar cravings:
      http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Flatten- … FORTLESSLY

      The best to you.

      Kelley Eidem

  10. Betty Jo Petty profile image56
    Betty Jo Pettyposted 10 years ago

    I don't know if anyone mentioned it but Sweating can be a sign you have problems.

    Feeling bad, getting really tired, and getting so sleepy you just have to go to sleep are some of my symptoms.

    If a diabetic sleeps too long, they can go into a diabetic Coma.  Set an alarm clock, or have someone wake you...

  11. bossprepaid profile image49
    bossprepaidposted 10 years ago

    diabetes! by the age of 36..im having it! hehe3!
    but im lucky because i take traditional herbs and the "sugar level" decreased from 18 to 8!
    wah,now i can enjoy mylife more merrier than before! Alas... once a diabetiCian always DiabetiCian! Uhuk!

    Diabetes? Humor, why not laugh?

  12. profile image0
    Diabetic-4-Lifeposted 10 years ago

    Hi, Betty Jo and everyone else--

    Just found this topic and am so happy to be able to talk to other with Diabetes!

    I've had it for 16 years now (rather I ignored it for 14 years and am suffering the consequences of that for the last 2).

    Visit my Hub at DIABETIC-4-LIFE and read the whole story.

    I'll post more later--and answer any questions you have.

    God Bless--

  13. Betty Jo Petty profile image56
    Betty Jo Pettyposted 10 years ago

    Ignore Diabetes? ? ?

    Yes, we can Try to do that.  Although if we Know we have it, we also know what we are doing.
    Hurting ourselves.

    Yes, I, too, try to ignore Diabetes.  There it is, deep inside, lurking to grab us and make us feel really bad.

    Maybe even kill us, as it did my sister, in a Diabetic coma.  I say, okay, maybe try to ignore it some:

    But let's take control of it.  Don't put that sugar in you mouth.  Do exercise, even if it hurts a little.

    Do we want to live, or do we want to drink that cola, eat that candy, yummy french fries, do all the fun stuff and let the Diabetes grow and control us?

    Check those numbers, even if the little pinprick hurts for a whole second.  Try not to take a nap, walk up and down the hallway five times instead.

    Keep talking, people.  We need the Help!  Betty Jo

  14. nicediabetes profile image78
    nicediabetesposted 6 years ago

    Why not laugh? It beats tears


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