Is it Time????

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    bosswoman5936posted 7 years ago

    Is it Time????

    we have a 13 year old poodle who is blind and deaf; we have noticed that when we put him on the floor or out in the yard that he will just walk in circles; we have to put him out at night 3-4 times; he doesn't play anymore. his appetite is ok but he sleeps alot what should we do???

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    wytchieposted 7 years ago

    I had this very question myself a few years ago. 
    Once our pets are at an age like this, I firmly believe it comes down to their quality of life.
    Such a hard choice to consider, so rather than put all that pressure on yourself, perhaps get a vets advice about how best to care for your dog at this stage in his life.
    Sending you love & light during this time!