Have you totally got rid of Craig from Zion?

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    krisashposted 7 years ago

    Have you totally got rid of Craig from Zion?

    can you please tell me if craig has been banned for life for having anything to do with any animal?  and can you confirm that he is nothing to do with Busch gardens in Florida. I have watched the Lion Man every week in england  and am absolutely horrified by what I have just read about Craig and his practices. his inhumane treatment of the Beautiful Cats.  I will not watch the programme again and I am so sorry for the mutil;ations he has caused such Beautiful Big and proud animals 12/03/2011 england

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    Peter Dickinsonposted 7 years ago

    Craig is really nothing to do with me. As a zoo professional I was appalled when I learned of his cruel practices and blame casting.
    There are still court cases outstanding in New Zealand over Zion but I strongly doubt he will ever go back there,
    He now lives in South Africa with his fiance. I understand hew may be visiting the UK some time in March and performing or book signing or something but I don't know where.