How can I keep my dog from running away when he sees or smells something he just

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    messickplposted 7 years ago

    How can I keep my dog from running away when he sees or smells something he just runs wont listen

    I have a male schnauzer 9 months old we live on 32 acres so we have no fences we own 5 dogs they all stay around us while we are out and about in the yard except the schnauzer we constantly have to find him he just roams we dont want to have him on a leash all the time we want him to be able to be out with us playing with all the other doags what should we do he will not listen when we call him he just runs

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    Lyn.Stewartposted 7 years ago

    First step - keep the dog with the pack - six week course
    My first suggestion would be to get a light long leash and attach him to one of your better behaved dogs you will need to pick one of your dogs that gets along with the offending dog. This... read more

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    ThunderKeysposted 7 years ago

    Shape strong compliance to come to you with a single command word like "Come Here!" Shape compliance by letting your dog get a bit hungry or train him before meal time so he is hungry. Use  treats you know he loves (something healthy that can substitute for his meal partly - like small pieces of meat). 

    Say the command words and when he comes to you, immediately give him the treat and praise him and pet him. Do this several times a day (as many as you can), but never when he is distracted or running away from you. Don't say "come here" (with a repeatable sing-song tone) when he runs away from you, for at least a weeks worth of this compliance training process.

    After a week take him out into the situation he would usually run away during but make sure he is a little bit hungry (i.e. before meal time), and under the same conditions that would usually trigger his running behavior. As soon as he starts to run away, say "come here" in the same tone as your training and immediately deliver a delicious treat and praise while taking him into the house away from his running triggers, and continue playing for a couple of minutes each time.

    Continue training him in the house as per the first sentence above, at times when he is not likely to run away. Gradually fade the use of food rewards over a 1 week period, but always give a food reward once in awhile so he never knows if there will be a treat or not. Always praise and pet him when he returns to you food or not. The food and the praise will pair as effective reinforcers and actually make each other stronger than they would have been alone.

    Hope that helps,
    - Duddy.