Hi why is my gsd turning on female human

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    jpfromwvposted 6 years ago

    Hi why is my gsd turning on female human

    my 2 yr. old male gsd just started being aggressive only toward females. he has never breeed and not neutered please help

  2. Adrian 72 profile image58
    Adrian 72posted 6 years ago

    Well you haven't really provided enough information to give an accurate answer. There are many factors that can lead the dog to be aggressive towards females. Who else if anyone lives with the dog? Is the dog walked on a regular basis? Do you know the dogs history. Please give more information so you can get an informative answer.

  3. HappyHerper profile image67
    HappyHerperposted 6 years ago

    GSD are sensitive dogs. If he has never been around many females, he may be fearful. My GSD used to be the same way toward men (her previous owner was a single female). He may be protecting his territory. Neutering him would probably help, but there still needs to be training involved. Like previously stated, there are a lot of reasons and without more information, its hard to say.