If my dog didnt tie with her mate will she be pregnant she is a very health dog

  1. profile image44
    hornbyposted 7 years ago

    If my dog didnt tie with her mate will she be pregnant she is a very health dog aged 4yrs

    she has already had one litter of pups 2yrs ago and I just wanted to mate her one last time also the last pregnancy went very well and the pups were perfect thank you .

  2. Alma Cabase profile image81
    Alma Cabaseposted 7 years ago

    I guess that should be a bad option because you might only risk your dog's health. I am a dog lover like you and one of my most loved dog died because of pregnancy. The vet said it is a risky thing for dogs to be pregnant given they are on their prime years.

  3. profile image47
    b1gobbyposted 6 years ago

    is my dog pregnant
    My dog ia an 11 month old Pitbul x Rottweiler, her name is Bailey, i think she may be pregnant. We have two other dogs a spayed female called Milly age three and a " fully working " Jack Russell called Jack, age three. one day Bailey slipped out the back door and we found Jack standing shaking and whining in one corner and and Bailey lying down not a bother on her on the other side of the garden, when we got closer to Jack we saw his penis was enlarged and red and rounded end, he looked scared to death, his penis didnt go down so i poured water over it and it went back to normal. That was on the 28th of August 2011.
    Since then we tried to keep them apart as best we could, i dont think they were alone together since though i'm not sure the kids would own up if they did let them together, but if she was pregnant from that date it would be day 78 ??

    she has not put on weight at all, but showed all the signs of pregnancy, tired, sleepy, loss of appetite, the discharge, regain of appetite, morning sickness, soft vulva, increase in nipple size, sagging rear udders, protective of her things, wont share, has a severe dislike of Jack.

    Last week that discharge reappeared for a day, but has now gone, she is now sleepy, irritable and restless and sad looking the last few days, i noticed today the area between her vulva and rear udders the fur has gone and also that the tips of her higher up nipples are turning pink with dots like a woman's areola does after labour, now she is whiny and cries if we leave the room, she follows us around, i let her out to poo just half an hour ago, she tried several time to no avail, nothing came out she was walking with her rear legs apart trying to poo, but didnt, she did poo last night as usual, i just brought her in and she played with her ball for 2 mins (normally for ages) and lay down and went to sleep.

    My question is did she get pregnant after the time we thought she had or later, is she really pregnant at all ? i dont know, does she sound pregnant to you ? can you help thank you


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