Which is your favorite song bird? Why?

  1. MichaelStonehill profile image61
    MichaelStonehillposted 6 years ago

    Which is your favorite song bird? Why?


  2. Skeffling profile image80
    Skefflingposted 6 years ago

    The Mourning Dove here in Ontario.  It's a summer visitor and sounds so calm and peaceful.  It is wonderful to hear, cooing on a cool dewy summer morning.  It's soft call is a reminder of the wood pigeons I heard as a child at my Granny's smallholding in Skeffling. 

    The fact that the doves are back here after a long cold winter, means all is well.  They are beautiful with their subtle colours and long pointed tails.  The squeak of their wings as they fly up from the ground is unmistakable and part of their charm.

    Thanks for asking this question amd making me think of them!

  3. Rob Winters profile image85
    Rob Wintersposted 6 years ago

    Not sure about that but the Liar Bird is an incredible mimic -aswell as being able to copy other bird songs it can do manmade noises like car alarms and chainsaws etc unbelievably well - worth a search on youtube for ' David Attenborough and Lyre Bird'