Should more counties and cities require dogs to be spayed or neutered if now own

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  1. doodlebugs profile image92
    doodlebugsposted 12 years ago

    Should more counties and cities require dogs to be spayed or neutered if now owned by a breeder?

    Should more cities and counties require dogs to be spayed and neutered if not owned by a registered breeder? Requiring this could cut down on the number of pets that have to be euthanized each year.

  2. mistyhorizon2003 profile image87
    mistyhorizon2003posted 12 years ago

    I believe this would be a wonderful idea, as it would also ensure a lot more homes were given dogs already residing in rescue centres, as well as cutting down on the amount of unwanted dogs. Apart from anything else too many people are irresponsible when they breed their dogs, never checking to make sure no inbreeding is taking place, not getting hip scoring on dogs prone to Hip Displacia (e.g. German Shepherds), and rarely looking to see if there are other physical problems that may be reproduced by breeding those animals. Even if all in that department is well, frequently no proper effort is made to make sure the puppies go to the best possible homes, and no follow up visits take place several months later.

    Finally what many owners don't realise is that having your dogs (male or female) neutered can prevent health problems in later life such as breast Cancer or infected wombs (pyometras). There is absolutely no truth in the suggestion that all bitches should be 'allowed to have one litter' before spaying either (I am a former Vets assistant so this isn't just an empty statement).

    Castrating male dogs reduces aggression and problems with them impregnating other people's bitches also, as well as having long term health benefits to the dog.

  3. Sharon McConnell profile image60
    Sharon McConnellposted 12 years ago

    I am glad that all shelters require an animal to be altered before you adopt it.  I don't like the idea of breeding animals because it just creates more animals than we need.  I recently took a walk through a local animal shelter to teach my kids a lesson about responsible pet ownership.   50% of the dogs were either pit bulls or chihuahuas.  They are the most "fashionable" dogs right now.  They were all full grown and most of them had been dumped by people who decided they were too much trouble.  I don't believe that any animal should be "fashionable".  There are way too many homeless pets that need love and care.  Absolutely, spay and neuter should be a requirement!!!!

  4. Cresentmoon2007 profile image65
    Cresentmoon2007posted 12 years ago

    I believe that they should have a law like that yes. It's sad how many dogs, or any animal have to be put down because of reckless behavior that people have.

    I am always deeply saddened when I hear about such things. That is why I always promote adopting an animal if you plan on getting a pet.

  5. horsemanofrayle profile image60
    horsemanofrayleposted 11 years ago

    Breeders should be registered that is true and the number of dogs and cats needs to be addressed in this country spaying and neutering is the best program ever come up with. I don't think this will cut down on pets that are put down each year. I blame the humane societies, and other animal rights organizations and their blasting the shelters in this country for the problems we face with so many unwanted pets. It's because of them that many people refuse to take dogs or cats to ANY shelter instead letting them run free to find a home most intact. They  believe that all animals are put down as soon as you drop them off and all shelters kill. Most are under the impression that a shelter is a horrible place where dogs are sad and lonely put in small cages with very little food or water they have seen the commercials from the societies and shelters are horrible places! NO! LET THE DOG BE FREE! So they release them to breed. Its true that shelters put down dogs and cats, they have no choice, space is not unlimited in these places and common sense should tell anyone that. I love animals and hate to see this myself but have sense enough to understand that  there is no place big enough to hold all these animals. No kill shelters seek to find homes and have contacts with other shelters nationwide. Shelters are here to HELP not HARM we have a problem in this country caused by us and the solution is not going to be nice but we did it all of us unless you have room for 10000 dogs at your house stop whining about shelters putting down animals and start supporting them by getting involved locally.  Be responsible in life spay and neuter your pets take strays to the shelter or better yet call animal control to handle the situation. Be informed call your local shelter find out their policies on taking in animals and support them. We caused this problem and we are All responsible to solve it.


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