Help for unwanted cats, kittens puppies and dogs

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  1. Lady Guinevere profile image60
    Lady Guinevereposted 11 years ago

    Spay Today is all over the US, not sure about other countires.  but since this info is for my area I suggest getting in touch with your own Spay Today--so here is my information---Eastern Panhandle of WV, Northier VA and Marland and Lower parts of PA.:

    We have a solution to the problem if only everyne would read it and send it to everyone else in the area.  It is called Spay Today and is located in Jefferson County.  They now have a Van that picks up and take animals to get Spayed/Neutered.  Call about that and make an appointemet ASAP.  Kittens as young as 10 weeks can be spayed/neutered.  The cost is minimal and you need to call them to get their rates on this.  They have a form for you to fill out too a week prior to getting your animals de-sexed.  I will post that and the number here at the bottom of this note.  The Van Service is through Briggs Animal Adoption Center.  They use  Here is that site address:

    Spay Today
    P.O. Box 340
    Charles Town, WV 25414-1023
    (304) 728-8330

    The Form is:  (Add to it that your animal is a feline and what color it is and sex if it isn't on the form.  They forgoet to put some things on there and they will give you a call back verifying your information.  You will aslo have to send them a check when you mail the form back.  They ask that they recieve payments and the form at least 1 week prior to the appointment date)

    Please Note: **To receive the reduced prices, information and payment must be submitted to Spay Today before the day of surgery in order to receive the needed Spay Today Voucher. Without our Spay Today Voucher, you will be charged full price by the veterinary hospital.

    Spay Today
    P.O. Box 340
    Charles Town, WV 25414-1023
    (304) 728-8330

    Information needed:

    Your name: _______________________________

    Address: _________________________________

    City/State/Zip: _____________________________

    Home phone #: ____________________________

    Work phone # _____________________________

    Pet’s name: _______________________________

    Weight (dog only): __________________________

    *Rabies vaccination is required with spay/neuter procedure unless current rabies certificate is provided at time of surgery.

    **Important Notice--Add $3.00 Administration Fee to the total amount of procedure(s) and write check to Spay Today.

    Then submit information and payment to Spay Today in order to receive Spay Today Voucher to take to the hospital on day of surgery.

  2. profile image48
    Rosie Jposted 11 years ago

    I wish every county in the US had a mobile spay unit.   It is sooooo sad that millions of animals are killed every year just because people are too darned lazy or sorry to get off their rear ends and have their animal/s spayed or neutered.   So many areas already have low or no cost spaying that there is no excuse for not doing it.

    If you can't invest the time or money in an animal, don't have it.   It isn't fair for these animals to be killed when their only sin was being born.

    A mobile unit would eliminate any excuses.

    Rosie J

  3. joyride profile image55
    joyrideposted 11 years ago

    All I can say is that, no stores or malls in America should be allowed to sell any kittens puppies or bunnies, and all animals that were being sold, should have to be neutered or spayed, Gechäft with animals is wrong, there are already millions of unwanted dogs and cats, all over America. To sell any more would be wrong. The animal shelters are full of them, and thousands of them are being put down every year.

    1. AEvans profile image75
      AEvansposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I agree smile

      1. Stacie L profile image91
        Stacie Lposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Oh i couldn't agree more!
        There are so many unwanted animals running wild in the country and city .Private citizens have to take it in their own hands to sterilize  the strays. My brother works with local Vets in Florida and they spay and neuter animals in his neighborhood when they catch them.Of course someone is always dropping off more animals at his business. i has to end. ;sad sigh

  4. KT pdx profile image75
    KT pdxposted 11 years ago

    For the Portland, OR, USA metro area, it's catNIP, by appointment only. To sign up for a future event, please call 503-988-6275 for pet cats or 503-797-2606 for feral cats.  For ferals, it's


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