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Do you think people should be fined for not getting their pets spayed or nutered

  1. Beani profile image60
    Beaniposted 6 years ago

    Do you think people should be fined for not getting their pets spayed or nutered??

    TOO many animals each and every single day are put to death and the number is growing out of control. Something NEEDS to happen.

  2. jonsswagger1978 profile image59
    jonsswagger1978posted 6 years ago

    I think people should spay there animal but i do not believe you should fine people that is going to far in my opinion

  3. Charity Squid profile image71
    Charity Squidposted 6 years ago

    No I don't think they should be fined, but I would hope that pet owners who don't want to breed their pets get them fixed for health reasons.

  4. onegoodwoman profile image76
    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    No, I do not think so.

    I AM a responsible pet owner, take very good care of my dog, who is nuetered.

    If we decree that every domestic animal ( pet ) be  nuetered or spayed......soon the species will be among the  endangered species list.

    Other responsible pet owners, may choose to  have offspring of their pet(s).

    A person should be responsible, but failure to spay or nueter, should not be a fine worthy decree.

    My closest neighbors have 2 lab females,  I can count their ribs.   Their horse is rather thin as well.   They have obtained each of these animals in the last 6 months........so , they can not claim, that they have been "hit" by the national economic crisis.   They obviously chose to have pets that they can not feed.......I think this might be worthy of notice......but to fine them, would cost them a bale of hay!  It would cost the horse........set up a dateline, if the animal is not BETTER fed, to the point of achieving an acceptable weight.....you will lose the animal.


    With so many people in crisis, animal rescue  units or shelters are receiving so little aid.

    What, I would like to see...........more free clinics for spaying and nuetering...........let the public know, that " clipping" the male DOES NOT lessen  his value as a guard dog..........this might be true for the female, but I  happen to have a male dog.............that is the limit of my experience.     Do not punish those pet owners who struggle, aid them..............for those people who have no idea where there dog is.......take the dog.    Either that is punitive or it relieves the animal.

    Those animals, that are being put to death, are not the pet of a responsible pet owner.......they are the forgotten...............

    There is NO need to punish ME, because, my neighbor , "forgot".

    My own dog, Murphy, has been to the vet 8 times in the last 2 years..........I have been to the " doctor" once in the last five.

    Tell me, what is wrong with this picture!

  5. Billrrrr profile image83
    Billrrrrposted 6 years ago

    Yes they should. And people who leave dogs in hot cars with the windows up should also be fined.

  6. Sally's Trove profile image81
    Sally's Troveposted 6 years ago

    Yes. Unless you have a license to breed. Now that's a huge economic and social enterprise to get the qualifications for that license in place. Great question.