Why does my bunny run around the hutch every time I give her carrots?

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    Fuzzyboots93posted 6 years ago

    Why does my bunny run around the hutch every time I give her carrots?

    My bunny Miss Fuzzyboots loves carrots, pears and parsley. Pretty much nearly every day she gets carrots and every time she takes a piece of carrot or from the pile when I put it down, she runs off with a piece in her mouth. She runs up and down her hutch 3-5 times while lightly flicking her legs in the air before settling down to eat her carrot, she does the same thing with pears and sometimes celery, but more so carrots. Why she do this? My Mum thinks because it's because she loves carrots and she's just happy and excited but I'm not sure.

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    Word Caddyposted 6 years ago

    I have heard -- well, read -- that rabbits tend to do twisty jumps or flick their legs when they are happy, for want of a word.

    My rabbit always used to grab food and run off with it to eat it. Maybe they just want to find a comfortable place in which to eat their favourite food. More specifically, if you were a prey herbivore, you're not going to want to put yourself in danger by sitting out in the open, a perfect target, while distracted with eating food. You're going to want to grab that food and find a more covered, safe position. 'Course, this doesn't matter for pet rabbits so much, but they aren't to know...