How do I stop my dog from marking carpets, walls, and objects inside the house?

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  1. SopranoRocks profile image59
    SopranoRocksposted 6 years ago

    How do I stop my dog from marking carpets, walls, and objects inside the house?

    My 2 year old jackrussel/chihuahua mix is neutered and potty trained since before we adopted him from a shelter in July 2011. I take him for walks and let him out often - he jumps near me like Tigger to let me know and does pee outside every time. But he continuously sneaks off and "marks" places I rarely find until the smell is obvious. He was allowed in much of the house but his area is dwindling as I close off rooms where he pees. He is usually within eyesight now but somehow pees whenever I am not looking. I tried cleaning the areas with vinegar mixes and commercial products with no luck.

  2. Golfgal profile image81
    Golfgalposted 6 years ago

    It is very difficult to break a natural behavior like territorial markings.  Sounds like you have tried very hard to clean up the odor.  The problem is that our best cleaning and disinfectant efforts are usually still not able to mask the scent that your dogs sensitive nose continues to pick up.  Using undiluted vinegar will still not deter your dog from pickin up a familiar favorite.  In fact, it may cause him to do it again to make it stronger.  You may have to crate your dog for periods of time in order to break the habit and keeping the territory smaller until you get this habit under control is a good thing.  If you know of favorite zones...keep him away from those spots.  Reinforce by taking dog to the a command like No Bad Dog while letting the dog smell the fabric and then take the dog outside and say Good dog while allowing the dog to smell an area that was marked outside.  Be consistent in whatever you choose to do to correct the behavior.  Do not trust the dog to be alone until the habit has been broken.  Your consistent efforts to correct the behavior must be done with conviction that you will prevail.  Who is boss?  Do not let the dog know that he can be more stubborn than you. smile

  3. Golfgal profile image81
    Golfgalposted 6 years ago

    Why does your dog mark territory? The answer is... simply to communicate to the next canine passerby. Marking with urine is actually a form of Canine Twittering or perhaps your puppy is territorially texting read more

  4. Marla Neogra profile image82
    Marla Neograposted 6 years ago

    I myself had some problems with my beagle mix right around two years of age. We however had a change in our family. Both my Daughter who had been in college and my 20yr old son moved back in with us. I believe it was his being anxious to mark his spaces. If you have had a change in your family or living arrangements recently this may be the problem. My beagle was also confused as to the hierarchy of the family members until he got used to them being there.
    However, marking can also mean he has reached a maturity level in which he wants to be the Alpha male. You can stop this behavior by becoming the dominant leader. He is a pack animal and must feel secure or will try to take the dominant role. Always go out a door in front of him and never let him pull you along when you walk. There are "gentle leaders" that can be used to keep him from pulling. Always talk to him as you get ready to go out telling him you are going, but make sure you exit and enter in front of him. Also, restricting him to a smaller area can also be making him feel anxious to mark the areas he has left to him. Go to … -urine.htm
    to find some direction on cleaning each spot as it happens.
    One more thing you can do is crate him when you sleep to avoid his waking and marking in the middle of the night. I just read the previous answer from Golfgal and agree with her about giving commands. Using a firm deep voice (without yelling) to enforce your command like Bad Dog and a warmer voice to enforce Good Dog is very useful in reaffirming good and bad behaviors for your dog.

  5. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    I wish I knew the answer.  We have a 4 year old well-adjusted Leonberger (think big and hairy like a Newfie) and he has been marking things since day one.  He goes outside about every 2 hours, and never marks things when we can catch him.  But our carpet is, well, you can imagine.  He's a great dog except for that one thing.

    Our vet said if we neutered him it would help but he is mon-orchid and we have to take him out of town for the surgery - well over $700.  But you are saying yours is neutered and have the same problems so I guess that won't do it.

  6. MickS profile image67
    MickSposted 6 years ago

    I think it is difficult for dogs tto use a potty, train him to bark at the door when he wants to relieve himself, then you can both go out for a walk.  Of course, that maybe not what you are talking about, the solution maybe something simple like keeping the markers locked away.

  7. lifemoments profile image60
    lifemomentsposted 6 years ago

    this will answer a lot of your questions...


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