Would you own a Pit Bull?

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  1. kgarcia1113 profile image68
    kgarcia1113posted 6 years ago

    Would you own a Pit Bull?

    Pretty simple, I want to know, with all the media and news stories about Pit Bulls, would you own a Pit Bull? Please explain.

  2. daborn7 profile image78
    daborn7posted 6 years ago

    I did own a pitbull at one point. I would own one again if I had the means. The media does not judge how I respond to life and situations. For a well educated person, they can see that the media drags things out and dramatizes allot of stuff to make it more interesting.

    Pitbulls are just like any other dog, they will turn out to be the dog that you raise them to be. Mine was loving and friendly, but I had to give him away because I moved and could not care for him anymore.

    With any dog, the key to finding the right one is to research their temperment, history and health, the real stuff, not the media. You have to judge by a dogs nature as to whether they will make a good dog for you or not. This does not include a nature that is brought on by bad care choices by humans.

  3. Dragonrain profile image83
    Dragonrainposted 6 years ago

    I love Pit Bulls.  Most of them are very sweet dogs despite what the media or anyone else might have to say about it.  I'd very much like to adopt one someday, most likely after I own my own home because finding apartments that allow Pits is hard around here.

  4. FreezeFrame34 profile image73
    FreezeFrame34posted 6 years ago

    Absolutely! I used to have one, but I broke up with my boyfriend and he kept it.

    My dog was the most loving, playful animal I ever met. He loved playing with children, but people would get scared when I took him for walks. Even when I said he would not hurt a fly, parents would grab their children and walk the other way. They would tell their children, "do not to get too close to her leash."

    It was sad. What is even more sad is that people abuse these animals. You can train any animal to fight-it doesn't matter what breed they are. You keep them in a cage; throw them their food; and provoke them and they will be mean.

    This dog was the most loyal pet in the whole world and it's such a shame that people want to blame the breed and not the owners.

    My friend actually started a non-profit PitBull Rescue in Pittsburgh; it is so sad to think about the neglect and abuse these animals go through, but, thankfully, people are willing to open their homes to foster and adopt them.

  5. profile image46
    leeann766posted 6 years ago

    Yes i would own a pitbull. I hate what the media has made people think of them. The reason why i would and (i do) own a pit is because i have had nothing but good experiences with them. Growing up i always had a big beautiful pit by my side from the time i was born to now. I even trust my 1 and 1/2year old child wth my patch. He has even bit her ear so hard that she bled and she just simply licked him and walked away.

  6. afriqnet profile image51
    afriqnetposted 6 years ago

    I have found out that you are writing some interesting facts about pit bulls and I am warming up to them. I have not had previous pit as a pet but I need to understand all about them.

  7. Jenna Glover profile image60
    Jenna Gloverposted 3 years ago

    I adopted a Pit Bull two months ago, and it was the best decision I've ever made!!!


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