How and why do cats purr?

  1. syzygyastro profile image80
    syzygyastroposted 5 years ago

    How and why do cats purr?

    Any cat lover who has a cat that dotes on them know all too well that a cat will purr. Cats will purr for various reasons. Sometimes they will make a trilling call when they meow and purr at the same time. Why do they purr and how is it done? Can other animals and people purr?

  2. AnnRandolph profile image73
    AnnRandolphposted 5 years ago

    My cat purrs when I brush her. As I talk to her she answers. If I tell her I've brushed her enough now she purrs back "no". If I asked her if it was her that picked my chair, she purrs back "no". .The answer is always "no" and she hasn't started speaking in sentences yet.

  3. akeezer profile image82
    akeezerposted 5 years ago

    The sound made through special wiring that goes from their brain to voice box, which is why they can meow and purr at the same time. They can ''continually'' do it because it makes the sound when they breathe out and in, sort of like a didgeridoo player breathes in and out while still making the instrument play.

    I know that other big cats can meow, as long as they can't roar. Mountain Lions are the largest I believe but apparently Raccoons can purr too according to the website below.