Why does my dog chew off my other dogs fur? How can I get him to stop?

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  1. profile image53
    stardom143posted 11 years ago

    Why does my dog chew off my other dogs fur? How can I get him to stop?

    we rescued a toy poodle mix ( not sure of the mix part so I call him a poothing) Teddy. Teddy like to pluck my other toy poodle's (Einsien) fur off. I cut Einstien's hair short but Teddy continues to eat Einstien's hair off. Teddy actuallt eats the hair and the a few days later coughs up a hair ball. Einstien's skin is turning pink. I have tried to get Teddy to stop, given him bones to chew on but he continues to pluck The other dogs hair. I have a Lab who Teddy play with but doesn't pull the labs hair out. How can I stop this and why is he doing this? I feel Einstien is stressed by this becas

  2. Dubuquedogtrainer profile image59
    Dubuquedogtrainerposted 11 years ago

    Now that is some odd behavior. It could be a compulsion, in which case you need a diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian or certified applied animal behaviorist. Read this for more information on OCD: http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues … 062-1.html

    Your dog could have pica (http://www.aspcabehavior.org/articles/1 … -Food.aspx), but again a thorough behavior assessment and medical evaluation is on order to properly diagnose this problem and come up with a treatment plan.

    To find a certified veterinary behaviorist in your area, see this website: http://www.dacvb.org/resources/find/  These veterinarians will often work with your local veterinarian to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. You can also search for a certified applied animal behaviorist on this website: http://www.animalbehavior.org/ABSApplie … -directory

    The general rule for changing a behavior such as this is to provide a substitute. I'm not sure what that would be right now. Your dog may also have anxiety associated with this behavior, so make note of when he does the plucking. Does your dog get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation in the form of reward-based training and play? You can also check out some interactive toys - I like the Kyjen toys, esp. the Star Puzzle. If your dog has anxiety, you can try an Anxiety Wrap - see my hub about pressure wraps: http://dubuquedogtrainer.hubpages.com/h … iety_wrap.

    Your dog may also need a course of medication, but only a veterinarian can prescribe medication based on a proper diagnosis. Look for a reward-based trainer to help you as well. One good place to start your search is the Karen Pryor Academy website: https://www.karenpryoracademy.com/find-a-trainer  Call the 800 number if you don't see a trainer in your area since not all grads and CTPs pay to be listed on the site: 800-472-5425

    Good luck! And please keep me posted - this is very interesting and I really hope you can get some professional help for your dog - both dogs!

    1. profile image53
      stardom143posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks so muc! I will check out all your suggestions. Oddly I do have a special needs lab but this PooThing is really a chalenge. again Thanks. I'll keep you posted.

    2. Dubuquedogtrainer profile image59
      Dubuquedogtrainerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Glad to help - feel free to email me with more info if you want to discuss some more, but this isn't something I have seen before.

    3. profile image49
      Nattawayposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      My poodle does the same thing to my Cavapoo and will also pull our hair out

    4. julie helms profile image54
      julie helmsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      4 yr Chinese crest terrier mix licks chews and pulls Fur from the back of my 10 mon jack Russell pood play or calm timenot the other dogs. The licker I am 4th? home She needs quit time so she dosnt get overwhelmed otherwise great manners 10 mon going


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