Dales Ponies in North America

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    msdstriegelposted 8 years ago

    Greetings all who might be interested.

    The Dales Pony is a small horse breed native to the eastern Pennines of northern England. They have great stamina and were used as a pack animal.

    The Dales is a very hardy breed, an easy keeper, and possesses great stamina and soundness. They usually have sturdy legs with dense bone and some feathering. The cannon bone can range from 8-9in. The hoof is usually of blue horn and is very strong.
    The ponies are close-coupled and stocky, with strong hindquarters and loins, and high knee and hock action. Their neck is short with a luxurious mane, the breed standard stating it should be a yard long. They are even-tempered and sensible ponies, suitable for both adults and children. These ponies are well noted for good, sound feet, and solid, flat bone on great limbs.
    Dales Ponies are predominantly black or dark brown (a variation of bay), although some are grey or bay with the occasional blue or bay roan. The breed standard states Dales Ponies should be around the preferred height; being between 14 and 14.2 hands (hh).

    I am always interested in talking to anyone about Dales Ponies. They also make a wonderful out-cross when a Dales stallion is bred to an arabian or a thoroughbred. They are also eligible to be registered as half Dales.