Why is the medical care of animals treated so much different than humans?

  1. prettynutjob30 profile image90
    prettynutjob30posted 5 years ago

    Why is the medical care of animals treated so much different than humans?

    They have feelings just like humans but only recieve medical care if their owners can afford it.

  2. Melissa A Smith profile image98
    Melissa A Smithposted 5 years ago

    I once spent $80 for vet care on a turtle that was about the size of a silver dollar. Many people have a lot of pets, and the funds could accumulate rapidly if a few of them got sick. And then there's dogs and cats. Uninsured their bills could be terrible. While someone may have to turn their life upside down to pay for medical care for their own children, I think that humans will consider their own species first if they cannot afford vet bills. Especially if you consider that these animals live a fraction of the lifespan as a person. This is why preventative care is so important.

  3. rcrumple profile image82
    rcrumpleposted 5 years ago

    Pets tend to have a high priority in the heart, and a low priority in the pocketbook.  Personally, I've spent quite a bit keeping my animals up to date with shots and whatever has been recommended.  Yet, I once had an old cat put to sleep.  It was paralyzed in the hind quarters, could not walk unless it pulled itself along on its front legs, and was in tremendous pain.  Instead of sending it off to a university that might be able to help it for $700, I thought putting it to sleep was the kinder thing to do.  Killed me to do it, but I couldn't think about letting others poke and prod it during its final days.

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