What type of dog is the best around small children?

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    smw1962posted 5 years ago

    What type of dog is the best around small children?

    My daughter has two young sons, a three year old and a two month old, and she would like to get a dog.  What type of dog is good with young children?

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    peeplesposted 5 years ago

    All dogs are good with children if they have been properly trained and socialized. EVERY breed can be bad with children if they have not been properly trained. I have a sharpei mix, a pit mix, and a dachshund. I have 3 children including a toddler. The two mixes are great with them. The dachshund is new to our family and still being trained, but she grew up with children so she does alright. What is more important is finding a breed that is a better fit for her lifestyle. Some things should not or can not be trained out of a dog. Some dogs require more maintenance than others. There are several websites that offer a "quiz" where you enter in information such as time available, housing situation, allergies etc. and it will help you narrow down the best breed. Even then training is key! My pit mix is 12 and she has been the best dog her whole life but she has had extensive training.

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    Rebecca Jimenezposted 5 years ago

    There are a few dogs that are good with children.

    -The bull dog. They can live in big or small homes. They are energetic, friendly, and gets along with other people.
    -The bull terrier is another dog that are great with children. They too, are energetic dogs and requires a lot of attention.
    -The collies are trainable and perfect with families - also great with children.
    -The labrador retiever could be a good fit due to it's loving personality. It is playful and patient.

    Overall, an energetic dog might work best with children and should suit in with the families lifestyle.

    These are just a few that your daughters children will surely enjoy.

    Hope this helps..