How can you convince your pet cat to have a bath?

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    shahkar-khanposted 4 years ago

    How can you convince your pet cat to have a bath?

    I have a pet cat but she is very bity (bits a lot).
    Especially if I want to make her have a bath she totally goes nuts, biting me simultaneously.
    Strangely none of her bits have ever resulted in any sort of bleeding (i think she just warns me and then lets her grip lose).
    But I have this party whereby a couple of my friends will come to my house and I really want to give her a bath and shampoo her.
    Can you guys give me any ideas on how to do this task?

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    Sehnonimoposted 4 years ago

    Well, cats have a natural "detergent" in their saliva that should take care of any grime as long as the cat regularly grooms.  If, for some reason, your cat does not groom, doesn't groom often enough that you feel the need to give her a bath, or needs a bath for another reason (like a flea dip or allergy control), then it's going to be a slow process to try and teach your cat how to "like" baths.  Cats have claws, you have soft, malleable skin - bad things happen when that soft, wetted skin gets clawed at!

    You can try, instead, if you just want to give her a freshening up, to find waterless shampoo.  Some pet stores sell this, and is meant to rub into a cat's fur without needing water to lather it or rinse it out.  Really, it sounds like that is your best bet at this point.

    If you REALLY want to try and BATHE her (which I don't recommend considering how she seems to not appreciate that), you may want to start with introducing her to treats ( if she's food motivated ) while having water running nearby.  Slowly, as he gets acclimated to this (over days, even weeks), move her closer and closer to the source of the water.  Slowly, you may be able to start introducing her to water on her fur.  This continues on until you can get her to focus on the treats while being bathed.

    But like I said, waterless shampoo is your friend here. Use it well!! ^_^

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      shahkar-khanposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      thanks a lot Carla. Your idea is very interesting. I will try to introduce her to water by placing her food gradually nearer to water. Such nice idea. thanks. ^_^.