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If my dog is pregnant how much longer ?

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    StacieToderoposted 3 years ago

    If my dog is pregnant how much longer ?

    I have a 4yrs old Red nose pit she's always be so muscular and thick shes never has puppies. she's a escape artist and so I am always hunting her down but I recently noticed saggy boobs and I squeezed one today to check of it's infected and it's milkish colour and there all leaking but she has gotten bigger but she's just super thick her belly don't look too round.. If she is pregnant how long till puppy's since she's producing milk?


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    DrMark1961posted 3 years ago

    My Pitbull can easily jump a 6 foot fence but I am always aware when she is in heat and keep her locked up in the house when she is. Do you not know when your dog was in heat? She will have pups about 63 days from mating.
    You really need to take her to your vet and get the puppies checked out before your dog whelps. If you cannot do so for some reason, she is probably going to whelp soon, within 10 days, but milk production is not always a guide to how many days is left. (I have even seen animals produce milk without being pregnant.)
    Since she jumped the fence and bred with any old dog she found, she will be whelping a litter of mutts. Try to find homes for them, but most of them will end up being killed at animal shelters. If you cannot keep her in when she is in heat, you need to have her spayed.

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      StacieToderoposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      So if she is pregnant it's probably going to be soon? I've never had puppies before so I'm clueless on what to do. She was scheduled to get spayed but she isn't the friendliest with new people so he refused her and sent us on our way. I will recall.

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      DrMark1961posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      It is impossible to know for sure Stacie so the best thing to do is take her to the vet and have them determine her stage. Almost all vets can handle dogs like her, so if the vet turned her away just call someone else.

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    peeplesposted 3 years ago

    Ugh! I hate questions like these because there is no good way of answering them without me coming off rude. Please take your dog to the vet and have her spayed now! It is not too late and will be better for her health! Do you really need 6 to 12 mutt puppies? Most of them will end up in a shelter eventually anyway. DrMark is correct approximately 63 days from mating is when she will give birth and milk is not always the way to determine when she will give birth. Take her to a VET!!! With under $100 in most areas you can see to it that you never have to go through this again. Unless there is a medical reason or you have a show quality dog (which you don't no matter how much I love pits) ALL female dogs should be spayed!