Made My Day

  1. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 10 years ago

    I'm so excited! Nancy Wheat at Tangerine Gecko, has made my day, week probably.

    I purchased to female Bell leopard geckos from her website, and they are gorgeous! Even more so than the picture! I'm extatic about them. I wish I had that money to buy at least one of her Bell Hybinos, as they're so tangerine and pretty. But, $125 plus shipping is going to have to wait, plus I'm out of tubs.

    But, anyway, if you're looking for leopard geckos, and I don't have what you're looking for on my site, check out

    I can't wait to get my Bell Project started. I'm just hoping that my Mack het Bell will be a good producer, or I'll need a new male. :-( Preferably the same morph, as I've purchased 2 Mack het Bell females as well from He's great to work with as well and supplies high quality reptiles, too. :-D

    Feel the excitment!