My Dog Is Pooping...

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    3Muttsabiposted 8 years ago

    My 15 year Dalmation has begun to poop in his sleep and while he is resting.  He is not even aware that anything has occured.  Is this a sign of his age?  He does not suffer from any other medical issues.  He eats normally, pees normally and is still very active.  The only other issue is his hips are beging to fail.

    Can anyone shed light on this issues?

  2. Stimp profile image76
    Stimpposted 8 years ago

    sad    Unfortunately, it is probably age.  I just lost my pomeranian of 17 years, about a year ago.....his 15 year old cat companion followed closely behind.  Stimp (my pom) did start having issues with his hips and I had to put little rubber grippers on the pads of his feet so his legs wouldn't splay out behind him on the non carpeted flooring.  His last year was VERY difficult for all of us. 

    If doggy is pooping in his sleep...consider altering his eating pattern slightly.....Like I'm not sure if you "free feed", but maybe just feed 2x per day and not after 6 p.m.  That USUALLY regulates their system.  You may also check with the vet for some food that is easy to digest....perhaps his tummy is upset? 

    I didn't have issues with Stimp pooping in his sleep because he ate his last meal of the day at like 4:30 in the afternoon.  Went out to do his business at about 6:00 and that was the last of it.

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    Autumn LeAnnposted 7 years ago

    Hi, I see that this post is a little older so I don't know if you already have an outcome or not. I would hope 3 months later you already have an answer and have taken him to a vet if needed.

    BUT ....

    One question I would like to ask you is  --- Is he pooping during the day , when you take him for his restroom breaks? One medical problem that can occur is an impacted colon. This is where constipation has occurred and the poor little guy has not been able to have regular (or ANY) B.M.s. When this occurs all of the waste (poop) that he has not been able to get out of his system builds up until there is no where to go but out, causing poop to be forced out on it's own.  While waste is building up it starts stretching out the colon causing pressure on the nerves. This pressure in time causes all feeling in the lower area to be lost (causing him to not "FEEL" that he has to go or that he has even gone). Affecting the B.M.s but they can pee just fine (unless it has been undected for a long period of time)

    If this is the case (and only his vet will be able to give you the true diagnosis) then treatment may take care of the problem.

    Treatment for this situation is first he HAS is get the extra poo out. For a person laxatives, extra fiber , or stool softeners can sometimes do the trick .... however sometimes having to resort to surgery is needed.  Your vet will be able to tell you if this is the problem , what medications to use the amount of medications to use ,and if surgery is is needed or if it's even an option in his case. After that monitoring his B.M.s will be necessary to insure he is having them and that he is not having to much problems with them.

    Sadly the life expectancy if a Dalmatian is approx 10-14 years (with some exceeding that ... much like yours). So old age unfortunately old age cannot be ruled out , but if he's not having any other health problems hopefully (if it is impacted colon or something else) it can be worked out for him.

    I hope this helped , GOOD LUCK - I know how much our pet can mean to us!! smile