Feeding and Treating your Pet Ferret

  1. FerretMan profile image61
    FerretManposted 8 years ago

    Feeding and treating your ferret

    The dietary requirements of a ferret can be quite complex to understand. In comparison to most other animals, the protein requirement of a ferret is quite high. So, when you are out purchasing food for your pet, always make sure it has high protein content. Look for products that have a minimum of 35-40% protein, 18-30% fat, and about 2% fiber in them. The ferret food should contain about 21 amino acids and only small level of carbohydrates. Avoid food that has been made with frozen fish that has not been processed properly. Your ferret is sure to dislike such food. If your ferret does not like its food, it will not eat it. Any coercion from your side is not likely to work as ferrets are known to be finicky in nature. If they dislike a food, they may remain hungry to the point of starvation.

    Investing in high-quality food for your ferret is good sense. You might find ferret food to be more expensive than even the highest quality of cat food, but do not worry. Since a ferret only eats two meals a day, it should work out well for you, economically. If you give your ferret a good and healthy diet, it may save you the cost of health supplements for your pet.

    An ideal diet for a ferret is low on carbohydrates. Therefore, even while you are dishing out treats to your pet, you need to be careful. Actually, ferrets do not really require treats, like other pet animals. Treats can bring about an imbalance in their eating habits. However, you can use treats while training your ferret. But even then, remember to restrict the quantity of treats you give out. If the treat is rich in sugar, then it can cause serious damage to your pet ferret’s health. One of the gravest fallouts of sugary treats is obesity. They can also cause tooth decay in ferrets, and can result in insulinomas or insulin-producing tumors. Sugar treats can cause the blood pressure of the ferret to go down. Therefore, you must take care ad avoid giving your ferret food items such as, candy, ice cream, nuts, and even milk. Some of these food items cause intestinal blockage in the ferret, while others lead to diarrhea and hypoglycemia. The dairy products, especially, can cause diarrhea in ferrets that can lead to a severe form of dehydration.

    Also, if you continue to give treats to your ferret, it may not eat its regular food properly or even at all. Therefore, if you must give a treat to your pet ferret, make it in the form of eggs or some meat. Do not try and start your ferret on a vegetarian diet of vegetables and grains. This is because the ferrets are unable to digest grains or vegetables. Onions, especially, are poisonous for the ferrets. Grains or cereals, on the other hand, result in bladder stones in ferrets. 

    Remember, by providing your loved ferret with the right kind of food, you are only increasing his chances of longevity. Every time you want your ferret to relish a sugary delight, remember how fatal it can be to its health. You can your love and affection towards your pet ferret without compromising its health.

  2. Whitney05 profile image83
    Whitney05posted 8 years ago

    this would be a good hub instead of a forum post.

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    Rookie70posted 8 years ago

    I think I heard someone say that you can cook it and eat it, and it tastes ok. Anybody ever fried it with onions and liver? Then, get some garlic bread to go with it. Some people may want to season it after skinning it, chop the head off, and then saute with pastry basted mix and onions, and let it marinade for a day. mmmmm good.


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