Erythromycin Opthalmic Oint

  1. mrs vee profile image57
    mrs veeposted 7 years ago

    Have a 5 week kitten with conjunctivis left eye.  Noticed condition about 18 hours ago and have fresh tube of erythromycin opthalmic ointment.  Cannot see vet until 48 hours; can I gently clean eye w/sterile gauze and H20 followed with a dab of it on clean qtip?

    1. nasus loops profile image79
      nasus loopsposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I would suggest that yes you could get a small bowl of warm sterile water and cotton wool ball/gauze to gently clean the eye, but would refrain from putting any ointment on the eye until you have seen the vet just in case what you have is not suitable for such a young kitten with this problem.

      Also you say you can not get to see the vet for 2 days, but are you able to speak to the vet over the phone?  If so you may not even need the appointment.

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      keyplayerposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      re: ERYTHROMYCIN -- DON'T!!!!!!
      Most eye problems in cat will respond quickly to a simple and safe NUTRITIONAL supplement called L-Lysine which is available from Health Food stores.  Our cat came to us with what seemed to be a chronic eye infection -- now completely gone after we started sprinkling it on his wet food. TWO caps per day for FIVE DAYS and then ONE cap every 2-3 days as a maintenance dose.  Ask your VET whether he considers this safe. Ours approves.   

      NB:  Overuse, and inappropriate use of antibiotics ensures that when they are REALLY NEEDED they will be ineffectual.  PLEASE THROW THAT TUBE AWAY!!!