does your cat act like this?

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    Lecieposted 7 years ago

    my cat lilly is guarding our apartment. any time any thing gets in she let's me know right away. for instance just a few minutes ago a spider was crawling across the floor and no one saw it until lilly was pouncing across the floor growling. i went to look and sure enough she was pointing out the spider and gave me extra kisses after i squashed him. she gets very territorial about her home. does any one elses cat act this way?

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      wychicposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, my husband and I have each had a cat that acted similarly territorial. My cat had to share his home with various dogs and, earlier in his life, a couple of other cats, but he made sure that all the critters fit into his personal code of conduct and was the first to let me know if anyone or anything approached the house...long before the dogs realized anything was there. He never did point out spiders and such for me, though he would kill them and then bring them to me...I know this sort of behavior is normal with cats bringing mice, birds, and other prey animals to their owner, but he would bring anything that moved...even dust bunnies.

      My husband's cat was another that thought she ran the house, and whenever he came home from work she'd "tell on" the dog, other cat, and the ferret until he'd listen to her and follow to wherever she led. Inevitably, she would show him where the other cat had scratched the furniture, or the dog got into his treats, or the newest shiny thing the ferret found and where he hid it. When the aged ferret finally died, she was the one who led the way to the remote hole the ferret curled up in, having crawled under the door of a basement closet and died hiding under seldom-used summer stuff (this was in Alaska). She also didn't like anything approaching the house, and even expected my husband to run off bears, moose, and the occasional wolverine she saw outside their remote home.

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        Lecieposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        my previous cat would kill mice(we lived in an old trailer at the time) and bring them to me even drop them in my bed. but she never pointed out spiders. so this new cat lilly is just so different i wanted to know if anyone else had a cat with the same behavior. spiders aren't the only thing she points out. she points out all kinds of bugs- ants, earwigs, bees, wasp, flies just about any thing that's creepy, crawly or dangerous. she will have her pouncing, growling fit until i go look to see what has invaded her home. her tail bushes out and her eyes get big as saucers. she's too cute.